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Casting calls for a VCU senior student’s thesis film named Pallium.
Shooting in Richmond, VA with tentative projected dates: December 3rd – 5th.

Logline: A grocery store associate witnesses an event that leads them spiraling into a frenzied investigation which ultimately causes them to question the perception of their own memories.

Synopsis: Following a long day at work, Alex, a grocery store worker, is walking to his car in the local parking deck next to his job. Suddenly, he is illuminated then blinded by a bright light while simultaneously hearing a bang followed by a loud discordant blaring noise. In a panic-stricken bout of fear, he runs to the safety of his car and immediately drives home. He then calls his friend in an attempt to gain clarity towards the situation, who jokingly suggests that he witnessed an alien abduction. Intrigued by the notion, he launches his own investigation to find answers as to what transpired that night which causes him to spiral into a paranoid state as he realizes his own memory isn’t as reliable as it seems.

< Agnes Rehfield > Male, Black, 25-30. A down to earth retail worker trying to make ends meet. Though he is usually up-beat and easy going, he grows detached throughout the duration of the film as he consumed with the processing of his memories and finding the answers he desperately needs.

<Chris Crosner> Male, Black, 25-30. Agnes’ best friend who acts as both his comedic relief and voice of reason. He is a very funny, chill, sarcastic guy who loves to play video game sand give Agnes a hard time.

<Alexis Jones> Female, 25-35, Agnes’ co-worker who loves to gossip and knows all the tea in the store. She is a loud, funny soul who immediately notices when something is up.

Audition Dates: 11/29 & 11/30
Location: Online zoom meeting
Projected Shooting Dates: 12/3/2021 – 12/5/2021
Shooting Location: Richmond, VA
Contact name: Jasmine Elmore

Please submit current headshot, resume and reel (if available) to:
Include the following information:
Your Name, role submitting for, email, phone number, and your distance from Richmond.

Thank you in advance for your submission!