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Seeking actors to play the following roles (paid 125/day needed on set)
– Keonna (MAIN)// Cis-Woman, Black, 18-22
Keonna Jones, 21 years old. She is a dark skinned thick woman, who is getting to a point where she’s beginning to feel confident in her weight. Sometimes she struggles with trying to find what to wear for the day, but once she settles on THAT outfit, she’s unstoppable. Keonna loves being around her friends and making them laugh, and she is a pretty outspoken gal.

-Taylor (MAIN) // Cis-Woman, Black, 18-22
Taylor Fernandez, 21 years old. She is a dark skinned woman, who is confident within the way she looks and her confidence exudes in the way she walks and the way she dressed herself. Taylor comes off as cocky but once you get to know her, she’s very sweet and comforting. Don’t mistaken her kindness for weakness because Taylor won’t hesitate to call you out.

– Mark // Cis-Man, White, 26-40
Mark Howell, 26-40 years old. He is a dad of 2 and looking for a baby sitter.

For this film, it is important to the Director that the roles are designated for persons specific to the character’s description; (ie: must be queer to play queer role). There’s a lot of misrepresentation of the LGBTQ+ community in films and this film will make sure specific persons get the representation they deserve.

Project Date Range: 10/08/2021 – 10/10/2021

Please contact Myles Manuel at filmunconnected@gmail.com for more information

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unconnected.film/