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Richmond – Call for independent filmmakers for interviews – Aug 3 – unpaid

F.I.L.M.A.M. Productions will be conducting interviews for a documentary on independent filmmakers. Each interview will be 5-10 min long. The project is titled “Finding Kevin”.

More information on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FILMAMProd/

Website: https://filmamproductions.com/

“25 randomly thrown together creatives – filmmakers, writers, producers and actors embarking on a thrilling adventure from Sarasota Florida to New York City. Three RVs, 30 plus cameras, 3 production vehicles and crew, 6 days on the road, 23 cities – what could go wrong!? What happens on the RVs promises to be as entertaining as meeting other filmmakers along the road and learning from them about the state of independent filmmaking in their sphere. ‘Finding Kevin’ will literalize the journey of a bunch of characters serving as an allegory for the entire narrative that reminds us, the destination is rarely as important as the experience of getting there.”


Interviews in Richmond

Saturday, Aug 3, 4:30-5:30 PM



Contact Keoki Trask: keoki@filmamproductions.com