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Richmon – Seeking actors for student film – oct 18 – paid

Primary Contact Name
  Benjamin Feliciano
Primary Contact Phone
  (757) 817-8510
Primary Contact Email
  Hotline Dating
Project Date or Date Range
  08/11/2019- 17/11/2019
Compensation (If Applicable)
  • Paid
  Looking for actors for a short student film called Hotline Dating.
Looking for two men in their 20’s for PAID gig, includes: portrayal of Queer subject matter, LGBT romance, a simulated sex scene, comedy, and toxic relationships.
Production length: Short Film (10-15 minutes)
Auditions: Friday, October 18, 2019 12-400 PM
Audition Location: 325 N. Harrison Street Richmond, VA. 23220 Room 305
(Flexible) Shooting dates: Nov 8th-10th, and Nov 15th-17th
Shooting Location: Richmond, Virginia
Email: felicianobj@mymail.vcu.edu
Phone Number: (757) 817-8510

Audition sign up sheet:


Please prepare a serious and a comedic monologue, headshots are preferred but not required, email me for a copy of the script so you can get familiar before the audition.
If you are interested but cannot attend, please email me or call me, we can set up a video audition or meet on another date/time.

Summary of the film:
A queer Black Mirror-like film. A new technology is used problematically, causing the relationship between two men, Vincent and Miguel to falter. A new pair of glasses that can change how your partner looks to you rises in popularity, causing relationship distress in the process. The film explores themes of queer romance, sex, beauty standards, and ethnic disparities.
MIGUEL: age: 20’s, LEAD
Latinx man, gay, average body shape, kind but assertive. Hardworking man who is trying hard to keep his relationship afloat, but suspects Vincent might not have pure intentions.
Need to be able to speak a little bit of Spanish for the role or able to pronounce some words correctly, accents welcome.
VINCENT:age: 20’s LEAD
White man, gay, lean body shape vain, uninterested and privileged, manipulative, sweet when necessary. Once loved Miguel, but as time passed he became bored with the relationship and is seeking this new product.