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Experimental Short Horror Film Casting 4 Actors.

A horror anthology of a supermassive threat under your feet. Chloe Abbott, a film senior at VCU, is looking for 4 actors for a short film.

Synopsis: The largest organism in the world is a fungal colony in Malheur National Park, Oregon. It stretches over 3.4 square miles with a complex underground network that resembles human neurons. Deep beneath the ground, it starts to learn and grow, taking on a new form that resembles the animals it feeds on. Its goal is to spread, and it will succeed, at human expense.

This story is formatted as a horror anthology, made up of “found footage” sequences, “archival” footage, and vlog-style footage to tell a non-chronological story of this looming apocalyptic event.

[MEGAN GREENAN] – Woman, plays 20, a quiet, intelligent girl who has become completely nerve-wracked after watching her brother Berny die violently in a bear attack. When he comes back miraculously, she becomes convinced that he isn’t who he seems, to the point of paranoia.
[BERNY GREENAN] – Man, plays 24, formerly a grad student with an interest in the outdoors, but he has violently died in the woods. The Berny of this story is a doppelganger, made of the fruiting body of the mushroom colony. He speaks cool and calm, though moves and behaves stiffly.
[PAULA GREENAN] – Woman, plays 50-60, a concerned mother who is relieved her son Berny has come home, and is increasingly concerned about her daughter Megan’s delusions.
[MICHAEL GREENAN] – Man, plays 50-60, an anxious man who, while happy about his son Berny’s return home, is angry at and worried that his daughter is either acting selfishly for attention or losing it.

Filming dates are set for November 6-7 in Northern Virginia. Those local to Richmond may be provided transportation both days.

Please send a 1-minute contemporary monologue or reel along with your locale, desired role, and contact information to vcufilmcasting@gmail.com. Formal auditions may consist of in-person auditions for Richmond locals, or a remote Zoom audition for all others.

Pay rate is $125/day. This is a **non-union** project.