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Northern VA – Anne Chapman Casting Seeking Bi-Lingual Japanese/English Actor – Aug. to Sept. – Paid

Anne Chapman Casting seeking bi-lingual Japanese/English actor: SAG short film, 3 days August-September, 2017


SAG-AFTRA  Short Film

Production Company: Red Zeppelin Productions LLC.

Producers: Theodore Adams III, Jai Jamison, Elizabeth Martins, Tai Lavin Burkholder

Executive Producer: Tara Kathleen Gorman

Director: Theodore Adams III

Screenwriter: Theodore Adams III

Casting Director: Anne Chapman

Casting Assistant: Tracia Austin

Shoot dates: 3 mutually agreed upon consecutive days between Aug. 24th & Sept. 13th, 2017

Shoot location: Northern Virginia, USA


Auditions: Via Self-tape.

Callbacks: TBD August, 2017 in Northern Virginia

Rate: $250/shoot day (+10% if agent)


SHORT FILM – Intended audience, Japanese and American students, particularly African American and Asian Pacific Americans aged 12-17 years.  Auditions will be primarily via self-tape.  Please let ACC know if you are a Virginia/DC local.  They would love to see you in person if possible.  Please note: Sides will be in both English and Japanese!

STORY LINE: Jason Wilson, a celebrated young African American actor enrolls at a prestigious theatre school in Japan to play the lead role of Shakespeare’s Othello, only to find his dreams of greatness are tempered by an instructor who challenges him to question his reason for being there.



1 Japanese actor

Please note: Lines will be in both Japanese and English. 

YAMADA – Japanese male, 50+.  Legendary Head Master of a prestigious theater school in Tokyo.  A respected director and an actor of note in his own right, who expects no less than full preparation at every rehearsal.  A man of few words with an inscrutable aura.  Currently directing the school’s production of Othello.  Othello is being played by JASON, an African American actor/exchange student who has achieved success in American indie films.  After a rough start, through patience and dialogue MR. YAMADA and JASON are able to learn a common truth that transcends historical, racial and cultural differences.  By means of the art and craft of acting and the archetypal genius of Shakespeare, the channel to bridge this gap is built.  MR. YAMADA is a teacher who is willing to learn.

Shoots 2 days, 1 day rehearsal/fitting for a total of 3 days.  $250/day (+10% if agent).



If you have already submitted through Breakdown Express or Actors Access, there is no need to submit again.  PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE SUBMIT. 

http://www.annechapmancasting. com/othello-san/

Follow the instructions carefully.  If you do not complete all submission instructions your submission likely will not be able to be considered.

Auditions will be done by self-tape, although, Anne Chapman Casting would love to see you in person if you are local.  You will be contacted with an invitation to audition if selected and will receive the password for the script and sides. Submitting does not guarantee an audition.