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Norfolk – Casting for student film – April 17 – non paid

“Part-Time Job” Short Film Character Breakdowns

Filming April 17, in Norfolk, VA

CONTACT: Henderson Brathwaite, HBrathwa@pratt.edu

• Logline
Tommy just got fired from his job and his baby mother and newborn are in
need of housing and food. Tommy has to take to drastic measures to become the man his family needs him to be.

(25) Afro-Caribbean man that has a ruggedly handsome appearance. He is a man that came from
middle-class life that after having a child young dropped out of College and had to become much more responsible faster than expected.

(23) Afro-Caribbean woman that is athletic and stoic while pregnant. She comes from affluent
life and went to College for Physical Therapy before dropping out with Tommy when she got pregnant. She expects to have the best life possible in this world and will settle for nothing less.

(23) Afro-Caribbean man, tall and menacing. Not a lot is known about him expect that he is the
man you call when you’re in need of certain products. He does nothing out of the kindness of his heart but the kindness of his wallet.

(21) Afro-Caribbean young man, main roots from Latin America part of the Caribbean. He is very childish and is a rich kid. He does not take a lot of things seriously, but he talks like he does.