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Lynchburg – Student film casting call – Tentative dates Nov 10-19 – Paid

STUDENT FILM CASTING CALL-African American Woman mid-20s

Seeking African American Woman  to play Vivian in sci-fi drama set in the 1950s.

Vivian is a confident, kindhearted, and intelligent lab assistant working under Dr. James Franklin for a secret government organization studying alien activity.
Her relationship with her mentor Dr. Franklin is the focal point of the story. Franklin is a brilliant but fragile scientist. He often lacks confidence and must look to her for help. Vivian gives this help graciously but has her limits and may sometimes need to lay down the law.

Being black in the 1950s puts immense stress on Vivian’s life. She often feels like she’s carrying the whole world on her shoulders. She knows giving up is not an option and hopes that the future holds the possibility for change.

Vivian also carries a dark secret. One that puts her right in the middle of the lions den. One that she can only pray her peers don’t uncover

-Theater Background Preferred
-Transportation a must and reimbursement may be negotiable.


Contact Noah Rask: nerask@liberty.edu