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Homeland Casting Memo

August 8, 2017

TO: Richmond, VA Acting Community and Surrounding Areas
FROM: The Casting Office of Homeland Season 7 (Regional Casting)
RE: Submission Policy for Principal Casting, Homeland Season 7
ATTN: VA Film Office

Jen Ingulli, CSA and Matthew Sefick, CSA congratulate Richmond, VA on being chosen to host filming of the Emmy Award-winning television series, Homeland, Season 7. Jen and Matthew are thrilled to have been selected to conduct principal casting regionally on this high profile episodic beginning on Monday, August 21st with shooting set to begin in mid-September. In preparation for the season, our office wishes to clarify the casting process for all actors interested in submitting on principal speaking roles for Homeland this season. These are basic guidelines to promote clarity and understanding within the acting community, as well as to ensure an efficient process that supports a successful cast for the creative team and, indeed, the show itself.

As “location” casting, our office will be conducting searches throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions. Local and regional talent will be considered. In order to streamline casting within this area, our office will work with talent agents and managers who participate in an online casting system called Breakdown Express. No direct actor submissions will be accepted during Season 7 and we encourage all actors to communicate with their agent or manager regarding submitting for roles on Homeland. If you are unsure whether or not a specific talent agent or manager participates in Breakdown Express, please direct that inquiry to them. Casting will largely be conducted online through self-taped auditions and again, talent agents and managers are your best resource for understanding this process.

We look forward to a successful season that highlights the fabulous talent throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support as we begin work on Season 7 of Homeland.

Jen Ingulli, CSA
Matthew Sefick, CSA