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DC – Location Scout Needed for PSA – Paid

Location scout needed in DC for PSA for TRUTH campaign against tobacco.

Very similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cfo4Nblmp8

Two aspects to the spot:

  1. Interviewing people on the street in low income areas and letting them know that tobacco advertises 10 times more in low income areas.
  2. Taking cigarette billboards from low income areas and posting them up in a high income area where they sell cigarettes to shock people and then give them the statistics.

Hidden camera style.

Looking to scout high income and low income areas for marts/markets/corner stores/etc., where cigarettes are advertised outside. Store in high income area will be dressed to look like low income one to compare and contrast.

Will need photos & contact info for owners/managers.

Check out PDF of neighborhoods we want scouted:


Please respond directly to alexanderdsanchez@gmail.com