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DC – CASTING NOTICE to Women of African Background – 2018 – PAID

SPECIAL Requirement: MUST be a super dark, very, very dark complexioned black woman for the lead role: the darker the better.

IN OTHER WORDS: A BLACK-SKINNED woman; Coal-black complexion. 

NOTE:  If you do not possess this basic physical requirement for the role, they would greatly appreciate if you did not send a resume.

Age: late 20s, early 30s; Height: approx.: 5’ 9” to 5’ 11”; Weight: approx.: 140 – 160 lb. Body type: Athletic to voluptuous.

Nationality of role: American.

Personality: Outgoing, intelligent, good-natured, humorous, sharp, keen, intelligent, angers slowly.

Looking for an actress with the looks, grace, charm and personality of Lupita Nyong’o.  See video at website:


Production location: Washington, DC. DATE: 2018

CASTING NOTICE to Women of African Background: If you are from an African country (e.g., Lupita Nyong’o: Kenya) or a 1st generation African American of West African parents (e.g., Uzo Aduba: Nigeria), you are encouraged to submit headshot, resume and reel.



Smart and beautiful, others never let Tisha McInness forget that she doesn’t look like Beyoncé due to her exquisitely black complexion. Harry, her brother, is one of them. One night, Tisha lets him know how she feels about his relentless teasing when she slaps him at their father’s birthday party. Harry, a TV talk show host, usually shake this off, but he has an important interview coming up, a Q&A with the president of the United States. The appearance of a black TV talk-show host having a problem with a very dark black woman, his sister no less, is problematic.

When Harry and Tisha’s confrontation goes viral, threatening his interview with the president, Tisha has the upper hand as her brother tries to get back into her good graces to save his job. She, on the other hand, is busily trying to establish Carlos, a struggling black street-artist as the “new thing in art.” She accuses her brother of being an “intra-racist.” The battle is on, with family backing her brother and her friends supporting Tisha.

Contact: Norman Kelley: norman.kelley@gmail.com; send headshot, resume and/or reel.