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DC – Awesome Con Short Film Festival call for submissions – Jan 30 early deadline – FREE

Submit your short film to Awesome Con Film Festival! It’s FREE!

Festival website: http://awesome-con.com/

Early bird deadline is Jan 30.

Submission website: https://filmfreeway.com/AwesomeConShortFilmfestival?fbclid=IwAR3XsO49hJBlMRzFkAAozJe6kTGQv3fSceLyFnYtE5l-ha2rI20ydBlxHK8

The Awesome Con Short Film Festival is one of the funnest and most fan friendly film festivals that you’ll attend or be part of, and it takes place inside one the biggest pop culture convention in the united states, Awesome Con in Washington DC.

Every year Awesome Con has movie stars guests, pop culture icons, cult legends and must see comic book and fine artist from around the world that take part in their show, and every year its averages about 70, 000 and plus attendees, thus making it the perfect place to have your film be seen by a true pop culture audience.

The goal of the film festival is to get your film seen and noticed and enjoyed, by not just your friends and family and other filmmakers, but by a real audience. And the truth is, in this type of setting, you never really know who might be sitting and watching your film.

Each day of the convention there will be a block of films shown based on a group of genres. The genres that we will be screening are Horror, Sci Fi, Action, Drama, Comedy, Web Series, Documentary and Music Video.

The end of each screening block will be followed by a filmmakers Q&A with any attending filmmakers whose works were shown to take part in.