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Chesapeake – VA Diasporic Communities Film Festival – June 2 – ticketed

In partnership with local Haitian chef Ariette Jeanisca of the Haitian event planning and catering company, Fusion Melange, the  Virginia Diasporic Communities Film Festival is hosting a multisensory experience of food and film!!

On Sunday June 2, from 2pm-4pm at Indian River Library in Chesapeake, VADCFF is screening 2 Haitian films. Our themed films will be paired with a tasty Haitian lunch. Experience the flavors and history of Haiti.


Films that will be screened:

TEZEN (short) Directed and written by Shirley Bruno
A restless daughter meets a spirit-fish who gives her pure water but as her family devours the delicious water, they begin to suspect more than the origin of its taste.

Liberty in a Soup (documentary) Directed by Dudley Alexis 
Every New Year, and in celebration of their Independence, Haitian families gather together to feast in honor of a line of ancestors that fought for their freedom. The centerpiece of the festivity is the joumou soup — a traditional soup dating back centuries ago. The joumou soup is a concretization of war and victory, oppression and emancipation, and the deeply rooted celebratory traditions of the Haitian culture.