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Charlottesville/Richmond – Casting Call for Independent feature Film – 9/24-10/12 – Paid

Seeking non-union background performers for a feature film shooting around the Charlottesville/Richmond area. “Do Us Part” is an R-Rated (but heartwarming) romantic comedy about three college, Rose, Mark, and Ryan, when Rose–Ryan’s unrequited love from college–shows up to his wedding to profess her love, and Mark, the lascivious best man, must keep the show on the rails (but inevitably drives them off).

Please send your resume/headshot to Reed Arnold at Reed.Arnold1@gmail.com

[NOTE: Supporting roles can perform as background on different days; background at the wedding can also perform as background at the bar.]

Supporting roles can be cast from comedic reel, or sides can be provided for a self-tape (or both–your choice).

Roles and expected shooting dates are listed below:

–Liv: 30ish, any ethnicity (supporting)

Ben and Liv got married right out of college, and are excited to have a weekend away from their baby at their college friend’s wedding, and learn an amusing secret about Ben’s past. Comedic experience a plus!

NEEDED COSTUME: Must own a nice black dress (Liv is a Groomswoman for Ryan).

ESTIMATED DATES: Sept 25, 26, 27.

RATE: $100 a day (all day-shoots, in sunlight). (Est total: $300)

–Claire: 25-30, caucasian/white (supporting)

Claire is the Groom’s brother who has a flirtatious relationship with the best man, a secret that gets revealed during the film’s story. Comedic experience a plus!

(NOTE1 : Claire needs to resemble the Groom, who is a young ‘Dominic West’ type).

NOTE 2: Must own a bridesmaid’s dress that can be worn for film!

ESTIMATED SHOOT DATES: Sept 25, 26 (half day/afternoon), 27; Oct 2 (half day/morning)

RATE: $50 per half day ($300 total)

–Young Lady (any ethnicity, 25-35, to play younger)

A fun loving, easy going college freshman who, in a flashback, hangs out with the fun easy-going (eventual) best man, and meets his roommate, the much more tightly-wound (eventual) groom.

ESTIMATED SHOOT DATE: One evening between Oct 6 – 10.

RATE: $100

–Cap (any ethnicity, 25-35, to play younger)

The guy you want the romantic lead to break up with. A bro’s bro who has for sure held a lacrosse stick.

ESTIMATED SHOOT DATE: One day between Oct 6 – 10 (only needed for a few quick shots!)
RATE: $50


Various days: Sept 25 – October 6: Wedding guests, wedding ‘crew,’ groomsmen or bridesmaids

Rate: $50 a half day (half days estimated to be 9am – 1pm, 2 pm – 6pm)
$12 an hour for any needed extra time.

Some day October 8 – 12: College Bargoers (21+ only)

21-30 year old to portray people hanging out in a college bar on a weeknight

$100 for a full day.