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Central Virginia – Virginia Tourism Commercial Extras Needed! – Aug 8

Volunteer opportunity for Virginia Tourism shoot next Tuesday August 8th. We are looking to find & secure EXTRAS for a music festival scene. We have a free t-shirt, pizza and king of pops to offer everyone. It will be a lot of fun and a great experience for any interested in film/commercials.  We need 100 people. For fun filled afternoon.

SEEKING: All backgrounds between ages 20-32

CALL TIME : 1pm sharp

LOCATION ADDRESS : Berkeley Plantation (30 mins from Richmond)

12602 Harrison Landing Road, Charles City, VA 23030

PLEASE RSVP to: rsvptourismshoot@gmail.com with your name and number

Wardrobe: Festival look. Bring multiple options. Wardrobe festival specifics are below, as well as reference photos

Wardrobe Guidelines for On-Camera Talent

We’re going for an outdoor music festival vibe, so please wear what you normally would for this kind of event. Your outfit should reflect your personality and style. We are asking that everyone bring their own shorts/pants/skirts shoes and accessories to the shoot. We will provide t-shirts to incorporate into your overall look. In order to keep your outfit “camera-friendly,” please follow these guidelines when making your selections:


  • Bring sunglasses
  • Please make sure all clothes are clean and pressed
  • Bring any spare wardrobe options on hangers
  • Make sure your clothes are appropriate for being outside in hot summer weather
  • Bring coordinating socks/shoes/belts/hats/scarves/kimonos/overshirts/jewelry/other accessories for each wardrobe option
  • Your shoes or boots should be comfortable enough that you can easily walk and dance in them
  • Bring any makeup, temporary tattoos or hair accessories that will help give your overall look a festival feel, including face paint, glitter, face jewels, foil tattoos, hair ties and clips, etc.


Please Avoid:

  • No small plaids, tight patterns or thin stripes (these can cause the camera image

to vibrate)

  • No solid white or solid black shirts (these are difficult to light and can cause the camera to lose detail)
  • No shiny fabrics
  • No clothing with logos
  • Overly large bags that you can’t dance or move around freely in while wearing