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Bristol, VA- PUSH! Film Festival- Oct. 21-23- Fee:$10 +

Push! Film Festival is a celebration of the cinematic and visual arts in the heart of the twin cities of Bristol, VA / TN.

The premier of the movie ‘Believe’ is scheduled Oct. 22 during Bristol’s PUSH! Film Festival which will be held at Paramount Center for the Arts.

Believe was filmed in Grundy, VA, in Twin City, and the surrounding areas and it stars Ryan O’Quinn, Virginia native. It was written and directed by Billy Dickson and was co-produced by Matthew Pickett and Katy Bunn-Davidson, also from Virginia.

Come out and support Virginia film! Tickets are $10 or the admission is included in the $50 cost of a weekend pass to the three-day film festival.

For more information about PUSH! Film Festival visit: http://www.pushfilmfest.com/

To learn more about the film, Believe, visit : http://www.believe.film/