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Boston, VA. – New Series “Daily Bread” Looking for Actors & Composer- PAID

For a new faith-based non-union series being filmed in Boston, VA.


ROLES: for weekend of 9/2-9/3/2016

Mr. Buchanan: in his mid 70’s is a retired NASA scientist who was like a surrogate father to Nora. She would spend hours with him in their garage, learning about guns, and engines and motors. She was actually closer to him than his own kids and grandkids. The grand kids were about the same age but didn’t really like Nora who was very prickly. They thought she was a spoiled rich kid but she was just jealous that they had such a great dad and grandfather. He is brilliant, matter of fact, doesn’t mince words but is a gentle soul. He provides a wise voice or observation in every show speaking in parables and using nature as an example of the points he wants to make.

Mrs. Buchanan: Doesn’t talk much and was a stay at home mom. She just exists until the solar flare and then she has to up her game and do things she never had to before. She actually comes alive for the first time in her life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Submit a 1 minute monologue of your choice to Film@TheForgeStudios.com by Tuesday 9/23. Along with a headshot & reel if you have one.

We are also considering Composers for scoring the project. Please send samples and rate sheet to Film@TheForgeStudios.com.