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A Letter to Our Virginia Film Community

Dear Friends,

As we know, our industry is made up largely of smaller companies and both creative and technical freelancers, making it very fragile in this public health crisis. This necessary lockdown has resulted in the cancellation of production activity across Virginia. This unprecedented time in history will test us all; financially, emotionally and socially.

Be assured that these dark days ahead will not last. The more we do today to “flatten the curve” by taking the notion of “social distancing” seriously, the sooner we will all be on set together again; often making the content that can provide a comfortable escape for so many during troubling and isolated times.

The nature of our business requires close-quarters collaboration; not conducive to the containment of a virus. However, I believe this reality will also be our strength during this difficult time.

When we all go into production, we go as a team, a family. We often equate it to going to battle together. We toil through unbelievably long hours, solve unsolvable logistical problems (every day), organize complex maneuvers… and when we wrap, we all hug, miss the challenge, and long for the next masochistic opportunity. We are production people. We turn NO into YES. We make the impossible possible.

This is our superpower. Let’s use it to take care of our community, and each other. Volunteer, check in on the vulnerable, buy a gift card from your favorite local business, refrain from sharing unsubstantiated online misinformation, be patient and kind. You know what to do. LOVE will win.


Sincerely yours,

Andy Edmunds

Director, Virginia Film Office