CHARLOTTESVILLE – Crew call for “Unacknowledged” documentary – Summer 2016 – PAID

Following Sirius, one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history, Dr. Greer and his team are producing “Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History”. “Unacknowledged” is named after the super-secret and illegal Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) that deal with the UFO/ET issue.”


The first movie Sirius:


We are looking for Cinematographers/AC’s as well as a Production Coordinator/Line Producer for this documentary project which we hope to start filming as soon as May 24th in Charlottesville, VA.

Competitive daily and weekly rates apply.

Please send resume/cover letters to Brittany Barletta at

Thanks for your interest!