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Yorktown and Richmond – Seeking two actors for short – May 21-22 – Paid

RVA – Independent Production seeking 2 actors for short student film shooting May 21st & May 22nd- PAID

Production Title: Southern Daze
Producer: Yossera Bouchtia
Director: Syd Scott
Writers: Symone Coleman & Bryce Pride
Union Status: Non-union

Shoot Date: 2 Days, Friday, May 21st & Saturday, 22nd
Shoot Location: Yorktown, VA & Richmond, VA

Audition Date: Friday, May 7th, 5PM – 8PM
Audition Location: Virtual

Contact: southerndazefilm@gmail.com

Storyline: In this visual narrative short, two sisters contemplate their relationship between their environment and racism.

VEDA ​– Black woman, early 20s. Adventurous and free spirited. The impact of growing up in a racist town is now weighing on her and she is ready to hop on the first train out of her hometown.
Shoots 2 days. $150/day Friday, May 21st & Saturday, 22nd

ZURI ​– Black woman, early 20s. More logical than Veda but appreciates their differences. She is constantly questioning everything around her and approaches life cautiously. Values the romantic & nostalgia of her childhood.
Shoots 2 days. $150/day Friday, May 21st & Saturday, 22nd


Please email southerndaze@gmail.com with the Subject Title – AUDITION for [character name]. Thank you in advance for your submission! Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with a time if selected.