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Washington, DC- Casting Call for short film – PAID

Casting for a short film to be shot in the Washington, D.C. area in April of 2107. Producer plans to shoot under a SAG short film agreement. Union and non-union actors may submit.

AJ– Female, any ethnicity, age range 30-45, tall, lean, fit, brown hair, AMBER eyes. This is strong female character role. AJ is a feminist for sure and very comfortable with whom she is. She is very educated, very wise, and self-assured. She really is the smartest person in the room. She may seem socially awkward from some people’s perspective, but AJ wouldn’t notice or care. She doesn’t have time for fools, but is very, very empathetic to all living creatures. People that have spent time with AJ might say that she is slightly ASD. They are not sure; there is just something about her that they can’t put their finger on. It might be that AJ has very heightened senses, seven of them. But then AJ thinks everybody has seven senses so she doesn’t think it odd or special.

Auditions  12/2/2016 through 1/3/2016 by appointment.  Call backs 1/11/2017. For consideration please email headshots and resumes to rkain@starpower.net