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Virginia Beach – Casting for Student Sitcom – April 2 deadline – Unpaid


TITLE: Mundane

GENRE: Situational Comedy (22 minutes)

Director: Tony Batchler Jr.

Producer: Jamin Anderson

Shooting location: TV studio in Regent COM building

Shooting date: 6-9pm on 4/25 Wed

Tech Rehearsal: 6-9pm on 4/11 and 4/18 Wed

Table read: 7pm on 4/5 Thu


*** Self-tape deadline by 4/2 Monday ***


This is the final project of Directing & Producing for Multi-cam class of Regent University Graduate school.


Logline: Ben and Stan, two roommates in their 20s, attempt to stage a gala using borrowed arts to make money. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t all go as planned.


  • Chad- 29 years old man. Chad is a, possibly roided, jock, nothing has been confirmed nor denied. He is very possessive of his girlfriend Jen.
  • Muscular Man- He is Otis’s henchmen, a bit thick he is loyal though.
  • 2 Models- taller than 5 ft 8 inch. Please email me with your height. These two extra positions have one or two lines. (Only needed for tech rehearsals and shooting)


Please email jamiand@mail.regent.edu with the characters you’d like audition for, then sides will be provided for your self-tape.

With your self-taped sides, please attach your 1 minute comedic monologue,  headshot, and resume.