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Virginia Beach – Casting for student short “By & By” – July 13 – non-paid

Non Union/ Non Paid
Type: Student Short Film
Title: By & By
Dates: July 13th
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Regent University, Communication Bldg, Virginia Beach, VA

“By & By,” a drama about a young dancer who experiences numerous
disappointments during her endeavor to become a professional.

Male/Female dancers (student roles), ages 18-25
Male/Female dancers (dance instructor roles)- late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s
Please see character page below.
*Also seeking supporting characters to portray student dancers*
When attending open call, please have a monologue prepared.
Video auditions are welcome!!

*If interested, please contact: Chi Isom-Brown at chiisom@mail.regent.edu*
Thank you!

Character Page

KERI (main character), is a quiet and reserved young woman. She’s experienced many setbacks and disappointments after numerous invitations to audition with prestigious dance companies, because she’s never been selected. She is emotionally exhausted and is on the verge of giving up on her aspiration to one-day join a premier dance company.

MS/MR. MOYE (male/female role), is a dignified and astute woman who delights in bringing out the best in her students. She knows that Keri has what it takes to belong to a premier ballet company, and that Keri’s perceived failure has stagnated her growth & ambitions. She wants to revive Keri’s waning confidence.

MICHELE is a bright student who comes from a family of dancers who are well connected. Up until now, Michele has never had to compete. Despite her connections, she studies hard to perfect
her art. Outwardly she is confident and openly shows contempt for those who have failed to be accepted into a ballet company. She underestimates the privilege she’s had over dancers. She’s
not accustomed to failure and cannot empathize with those who have failed. Inwardly, she is full of doubt and wants everyone’s approval. She has been invited to audition for a ballet company
for the first time. She wants to out perform Keri (a dancer many perceive to be the best) to prove that she is the better because she has never failed before, and Keri has.

TORY (male/female role) is Keri’s best friend and greatest supporter. He/She is content with her talent as a dancer and has other aspirations. He/She knows that Keri has a passion for dance and wants her to keep pursuing her dream because she believes Keri is a phenomenal dancer.