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VIENNA, VA – Casting Call for Actors, Student Short Film, “A Patriotic Mistake” – Paid

RATE: Paid, $100 Flat Fee, screen credit, lunch and snacks during shoot


SHOOTING: October 29-30 and/or November 5-6, 2016, Vienna, VA and Washington D.C.


AUDITIONS: Video Audition sent through wetransfer.com to jr72599@gmail.com, due by October 27, 2016. If you are interested in auditioning please email me at jr72599@gmail.com with the roles you are interested in and I will email you audition lines and/or the screenplay.




TITLE: A Patriotic Mistake


CATEGORY: International Baccalaureate (IB) Film Student Project


CONTACT EMAIL: jr72599@gmail.com






PROJECT OVERVIEW: An original, farcical take on American politics rife with comedic political satire to match the craziness of the current American election cycle. This is our original short film shot for our film class, meaning the shoot will be very guerrilla and “run and gun”, but we strive to achieve as high production values as possible.  Projected to be 7-10 minutes in length.


LOGLINE: After being dared to become President by a friend, Mike Hunt ends up winning the dare but discovers being President is not what it’s all chocked up to be.




MIKE HUNT: (lead) late 20’s to late 40’s, once known as the Triple Dog Dare King when younger, he now lives a mostly boring life working at an advertising agency until dared by his friend to become President. After becoming President, he quickly develops a passionate hatred for the job and wants to return to his normal life anyway possible. Also has a strange attraction to hemorrhoid cream and mentions it quite often.


SAMUEL: (lead) late 20’s to late 40’s, fun loving and mischievous, he is friends with Mike and is the one who dares him to become President. Shocked by his friend’s victory, he then adopts a more serious tone and acts as an adviser to Mike.