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VIENNA – Casting Call for Actors – Student Short Film – UNPAID

RATE: Unpaid, screen credit, lunch and snacks available.

SHOOTING: April 16-17, 2016, Vienna, VA.

AUDITIONS: Video Audition sent through wetransfer.com to jr72599@gmail.com, due by April 11, 2016. If you are interested in auditioning please email jr72599@gmail.com with the roles you are interested in and they will email you audition lines and/or the screenplay.


TITLE: Paper Pushers

CATEGORY: International Baccalaureate (IB) Film Student Project

CONTACT EMAIL: jr72599@gmail.com      VOICEMAIL: 571-421-6128


PROJECT OVERVIEW: An original, action-packed, buddy-cop, comedy short film inspired by “Hot Fuzz” and other buddy cop films. This is a high school students original short film, meaning the shoot will be very guerrilla and “run and gun”, but I personally strive to achieve as high production quality as possible. 6-8 minutes.

LOGLINE: The partnership between two cops is tested as they put both their lives and their friendship on the line when dealing with an unusually violent suspect.


  • SPIKE: (lead) 20’s to mid-30’s, a somewhat reckless, headstrong cop who often jumps into action before calculating risks. He hates paperwork with a passion, often complaining about it. When no action is occurring he is often lazy.
  • RYAN: (lead) 20’s to mid-30’s, the more serious of the two, he is calm and calculating, often pausing briefly to think over the current situation before acting. His partner (Spike) often annoys him with his incessant complaining.
  • SUSPECT: (supporting) 20’s-50’s, calm, serious, and silent, suspect comes off as a cold, hardened criminal with the expertise and knowledge to kill.