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From the Heart Productions is pleased to announce the inaugural Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant is now accepting applications.   The newest entry in their line up of Roy W. Dean Grants for independent filmmakers is specifically for fiction shorts, live action or animated, that are 15 minutes in length or less.  As with their other grants, the films need to be unique and make a contribution to society.

Winner of the Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant will receive $3,000 in cash.  From the Heart Productions is also expecting and seeking donors in the film industry to provide up to $15,000 in services and products for the recipient.  They hope to have this in place by March 1st.

Deadline for submission to the Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant is April 29th, 2021

Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant

Dedicated to helping independent filmmakers fund their films, the non-profit From the Heart Productions created the Roy W. Dean Short Film Grant in response to the explosion and popularity of short form content.  Many filmmakers use short films to hone their craft and as a proof of concept for later full length features. From the Heart Productions wants to support their work and encourage them to make films with stories told with passion that enlighten us about our lives and the world we live in.

Filmmakers can apply at http://fromtheheartproductions.com/grant-application-form/.

Every Filmmaker Gets Help for Their Project by Just Applying

What sets apart the Roy W. Dean Film Grants from other grants is that every applicant has the opportunity to receive a 15-minute consultation on their film.  Filmmakers can get advice on how to find funding, build up a database of donors or investors, market their film, and more.

For more information on the grant, please email info@fromtheheartproductions.com or call 805-984-0098