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Statewide – Light House Studio Film Challenge – April 6- May 17 – Free

Bored at home? Channel your creativity for Light House’s filmmaking challenge! In this all ages, bi-weekly challenge, filmmakers will be challenged to make a unique short film incorporating that round’s prompt in whatever way you want. Films can be made on or for any platform (ie. TikTok, Instagram, etc.). Filmmakers can submit to as many rounds as they want, and all genres are welcome as long as you adhere to our rules and the prompt’s guidelines! At the conclusion of the competition, a panel of judges will vote for their favorite films in each category: *list of categories below. The competition will begin March 23rd and end May 17th @11:59PM and is open to filmmakers of all ages.

Website for information: https://lighthousestudio.org/events/film-challenge


Round 1: March 23 – April 5
Prompt: Include a roll of toilet paper.
Round 2: April 6 – April 19
Prompt: Incorporate the line of dialogue: “This is unprecedented” in some way NOT related to COVID-19.
Round 3: April 20 – May 3
Prompt: Include a cowboy shot and a dutch angle.
Round 4: May 4 – May 17
Prompt: Include these 3 sound effects: BellInsectsBoing

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Films should be between :30 seconds and 4 minutes in length.
  2. Films must be made after March 23rd.
  3. Films cannot contain: violence, profanity, you get the idea…(this will be at our discretion)
  4. Films can be created on or for any platform (including but not limited to, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat)
  5. Films will be judged across several categories: storytelling, cinematography, creativity, and the use of the prompts.
  6. Contestants can choose to work by themselves or in a team.
  7. Submissions are due on the second Sunday of each round @11:59PM.
  8. Film credits must include the text: “Made for the Light House Filmmaking Competition Spring 2020.”
  9. All ages are eligible to submit.

Light House Studio is following the COVID-19 recommendations by the CDC and we understand filmmakers will adhere to these rules including social distancing. 


All film submissions should be emailed as a file or shared via Google Drive to programs@lighthousestudio.org with the following subject line:

Current Round | “Name of Film” | Your Name
i.e. Round 3 | “A Ghost Story” | Karen Stevenson

We will send you a confirmation email when we have received your submission. If your film has won a category, you will be notified directly. By submitting, you agree to the following stipulations.*


At the conclusion of the film challenge on May 17, our panel of judges will award the best films based on the following categories:

1. Love in the Time of Corona: Most Heartwarming
2. Zoo Lockdown: Best Film Featuring Animals
3. Light House’s Funniest Home Video
4. In the Lab: Best Experimental Film
5. Quarantunes: Best Original Musical or Dance Film
6. Cabin Fever: Best Film Featuring Family
7. Best Overall*

*The film that wins “Best Overall” will be featured at Light House Studio’s Annual Youth Film Festival in September and will also be submitted to national and international film festivals (Light House will absorb submission costs). To note: Given the varying equipment filmmakers will have access to, our panel will be judging based on the quality of story and technique, not the quality of equipment. Films will be highlighted after every round, but the final awards will not be announced until May 17. 

Filmmakers, it’s time to channel your creativity! LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!


For good filmmaking tips, check out our Filmmaker Fridays HERE!


*Light House Studio is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted to the Light House Studio Film Challenge for promotional purposes. Light House Studio is hereby granted the right to screen any film submitted. The student filmmaker submitting the film hereby warrants that he/she is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The student filmmakers affirm the film contains no visual images (photographs, video clips, pictures) that are not the original work of the student filmmakers, in the public domain, or used without the written permission of the original artist. The student filmmakers affirm the film contains no audio/music clips (including but not limited to YouTube clips, purchased commercial music, downloaded music clips) that are not the original work of the student filmmakers, in the public domain, or used without the written permission of the original artist and distributor.