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All applicants please list availability for –
Thurs Sept 16 – Sun Sept 19
Thurs Sept 30 – Sun Oct 3

RATE: $175/10

Role must be willing to work local to Richmond, VA (no compensation can be provided for travel/accommodations). 10hr day does not include travel.

There are three exterior shoot days in September, and one studio shoot day for one of the roles, date TBD.

Proof of vaccination will be required of all cast and crew. COVID-19 protocols will be followed on set.

Executive Producer: Fotochrome Design/Albert Tholen/Caroline Symons
Director/Writer: Caroline Symons


Send current headshot to: summerfestfilm2021@gmail.com

Include your name, age, and the role you are submitting for in the subject line.

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• Name

• Age

If under 16, confirm you have valid Permission for Employment from the Department of Labor

• Confirm that you are aware that this is a non-union film

• Please state if you are local, within 80 miles of Richmond (or willing to work as a local i.e. no reimbursement for travel or accommodations)

• Phone number

• Email

• Availability to audition in Richmond between Aug 7 – Aug 22

• Availability for the following dates –
Thurs Sept 16 – Sun Sept 19
Thurs Sept 30 – Sun Oct 3
(production will take place over one of these weekends, location pending)

• Any prior experience you’ve had in film/television/performance/theater (first-time actors are welcome!)

It’s too hot to be outside, but three bored “best” friends spend a day at the county fair when there’s nothing else going on in their small town. The heat, a bad date, and an unsettling carnival attraction might prove to be too much for this tenuous friendship.


MARLEE (16-18 yrs)
Marlee would never admit to her friends that she’s looking forward to meeting up with a guy at the fair, but the truth is it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to any of her friends this summer. Honestly it’s the ONLY thing that’s happened to any of them, but she would never say that to their faces. Marlee is the most mature and centered of her friends, empathetic and understanding that their insecurities drive their pedantic behavior. At least they keep her company. Every day she walks a fine tightrope of feigning nonchalance about everything while secretly dreaming of all the ways her life could be different. **NOTE – role does include kissing male actor age 16-19 on camera

EMILY (14-18 yrs)
Emily doesn’t think she’s mean, but she does think she is the smartest, most cultured, most mature, and – if she took more time with her daily makeup routine – the prettiest of her friends. She really is the most well read, inquisitive, and ambitious of her small group, but sometimes her eagerness comes off as overbearing and condescending. She thinks she’s destined for greater things, but doesn’t trust anyone around her to fully support or understand her. A lot of this is because she doesn’t have a strong support system from her family, and some of it is because she’s not a good listener. She has had to be strong and her own cheerleader her entire life.

CANDICE (14-18 yrs)
Candice is the glue holding this tenuous group together. The most talkative, she might seem overwhelmed, but really she is working the hardest to keep the peace between the strong, opposing personalities of her two friends. The heat and chaos of the fair certainly don’t help, either. High energy, kind, and considerate to a fault, Candice might seem naive but understands she’s hanging out with two powder kegs.