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Richmond – Virginia Infection Prevention Center PSA Casting – Paid – Deadline 1-16-23

Casting Notice

Project: VA-RCP (I.S.T.V) -Virginia Infection Prevention Center

Casting Director: Henry Jäderlund

Filming Location: Richmond Virginia

Compensation: $600/8  (+10% Agency Fee If Applicable)

Tentative Film Dates: Jan -March 2023

Submission Deadline: 1-16-2023

Accepting: All Submissions


For the most current and  up-to-date information please visit https://jaderlundcasting.com/cmi/istv/


 Diff: Age Range 35-45, Male,  Caucasian (BFOQ) goes on a mission to take over the entire hospital. It is a man aged 35-45 in a sleek suit and polished shoes. There is something manic in his eyes and look. Patrick Bateman in American Psycho(Christian Bale) meets Agent Smith in Matrix (Hugo Weaving) meets Mayhem (Dean Winters) from the Allstate Commercials.

 The Patient: Age Range 50 -70s, Male , Open Ethnicity – a middle-aged or an elderly man compromised by C.Diff.

 Nurse Regina:  Age Range 30-40s , Female, Open Ethnicity.  -a 30-40 year old woman, a nurse who takes care of the patient and accidentally gives C.Diff a chance to escape.

 Acinetobacter : 30-50s  – Thin middle-aged Female , Open Ethnicity – Cruella Deville 101 Dalmatians meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) The Fight Club. She is a skinny middle-aged woman with teased hair and a trashy flamboyant outfit. Her behavior is over the top,dominating, insecure and hysterical.

 Mr. Sana: Age Range  60-80,  Male, Open Ethnicity – a 60-80 years old man, a very sick patient who is being taken over

 Nurse Christina: Age Range 40-50, Female, Open Ethnicity -a 40-50-year-old woman, representation of the Progressive Flo character in our world, strategic and knowledgeable. She’s the one who makes sure her invisible foe Acinetobacter doesn’t get out of control.

 Nurse Regina: Age Range  18-28,  Female , Open Ethnicity -a young woman in her 20s, she is new to the nursing field. Acinetobacter is in desperate expectation that she makes a mistake,

 Dr. Bob: Age Range 40-60s , Male, Open Ethnicity -a classic middle-aged doctor. He is also one of Acinetobacter’s chances to escape.

 Tom: Age Range 30-40s , Male, Open Ethnicity – a hospital dietary staff member. He is a hard-working man in his 30-40s who is very busy running around the hospital and just doesn’t have time to care to protect himself from the evil Acinetobacter.

 Florence Nightingale: Age Range 30-40s , Female, Open Ethnicity : A depiction of the famous nurse at the age of 30-40 years old. She is a painting who can’t keep it to herself any longer as she watches the nurses breaking the most basic rules . She comes to life to teach them a lesson.

 Nurse Barbara: Age Range 30-40s , Female, Open Ethnicity – a 30-40-year-old woman, she is caring for a patient when suddenly a painting on the wall reminds her how to do it properly.

 Nurse Sam: Age Range 20s , Transgender Female, Open Ethnicity  BFOQ – a young and hip transgender woman in her 20s who happens to meet her idol Florence Nightingale in person.

 Janitor Oliver: Age Range 50-60s , Male, Open Ethnicity – a 50–65-year-old man who casually forgets the rules that apply to all hospital staff but Florence Nightingale is on a mission to remind everyone.

 The Patient: Age Range 65+ , Female, Open Ethnicity – an elderly woman who seems not so shocked by Florence Nightingale.


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