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Richmond & Virginia Beach – Casting for Independent student film – March 17-18 – Paid

“For Lillian” – Independent Student Production

Storyline: Following the death of her mother, Evelyn drags her sister on a road trip to their childhood vacation spot in an attempt to carry out the perfect memorial ceremony.

Shoot Dates: March 17th & 18th
Shoot Location: Richmond, VA & Virginia Beach, VA
Actors will be compensated and fed, repaid for gas to and from Virginia Beach, and will receive a copy of the film upon completion.

Include the following information in the subject line: YOUR NAME, ROLE SUBMITTING FOR & YOUR LOCATION
SUBMIT current headshot and resume (and reel if you have one) to: forlillian301@gmail.com
Please confirm you are aware this is a non-union project:
Confirm you are comfortable in shallow depths of water.
Include your travel distance to Richmond/Virginia Beach:
Do you have local housing available to you in either location:
Confirm Shooting Dates Availability:
Following your submission, the filmmakers will send sides and request a self tape.

*Note that there is a scene at the beach in which Evelyn and Julia walk into the ocean, actors must be comfortable in shallow/mid-level depths of water

EVELYN HARRIS: 20s/any ethnicity
Evelyn feels lost in the world. She’s fueled with regret and shame. She should’ve been a better daughter, and doesn’t recognize hindsight bias: she feels guilty for being the angsty, rude teenager she was to her mother. In actuality, she wasn’t that horrible, but she judges herself too harshly, because she wasn’t accountable for herself when she was a teenager and her mother was alive. Type of person in high school who prioritized being an individual rather than blending in and following trends. Now she doesn’t give a shit at all about those superficial things. She’s made mistakes, and her mother warned her about these mistakes. She always felt lost in the world, but felt free at Kittyhawk, then and now. For her, time and space freeze there and she feels like she can breath for the first time.
$50/day Shoots 2 days. Must be comfortable in the water

JULIA HARRIS: 18/19 years old/any ethnicity
Julia has always been a quiet achiever, getting straight A’s and making varsity basketball out of talent alone, but nothing ever felt good enough to be recognized. She thought if she could strive for perfection she could finally get attention, but she was quietly recognized, if recognized at all, because all of her mother’s attention was spent trying to get Evelyn out of the deep end. For Julia, Greg was the one who noticed her, and Evelyn will never understand that. She has problems with conflict, she always runs away from it. She hasn’t changed much, but now she feels a pent up energy from within, and she needs to get it out. Julia needs a good scream.
$50/day Shoots 2 days. Must be comfortable in the water

GREG REYNOLDS: 40s/50s years old/any ethnicity
Greg has always been trying his best. A car salesman, but not the sleazy kind. He genuinely enjoys his job. He’s a midwesterner, and he carries himself like a midwesterner, or at least he used to. Becoming the step dad to two teenage daughters, one of which who hated him for nothing he possibly could’ve done, broke down his chipper personality years ago. He’s middle aged and he just lost his wife, all he has left are these daughters he’s never felt were his own, not Evelyn at least. Life has exhausted him, but he’s trying his best to hang in there.
$50/day Shoots 1 day.

Thank you in advance for your submission! We look forward to seeing your self tapes!