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Richmond – VCUarts seeking actors for student film – audition june 8, shoot june 19-21 – Paid

Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts are seeking 12 actors for MACBREEZY, a non-union 35mm short student film.



VCUarts Non-Union 35mm Short Student Film

Production Company: VCUarts Cinema

Executive Producers: Rob Tregenza, Nikita Moyer & Yossera Bouchtia & Caleb Plutze

Director: Yashia Burrell

Producer: Sam Galipeau

Writer: Yashia Burrell

Casting Director:  Anne Chapman

Casting Associate: Cailynn Birts

Casting Assistants: Will Schultz, Laura Bowen

Shoot Dates: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, June 19th, 20th & 21st 2019

Shoot Location: Richmond, Virginia

Audition Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia


Rate: $125/shoot day

Actor will receive a copy of the film upon completion.



Include the following information in the subject line:


SUBMIT current headshot and resume (and reel if you have one) to:


Include the following information in the body of the email:

Role you are submitting for:




If under 18, please include date of birth:

Include your travel distance to Richmond*:

Do you have local housing available to you*:

Please confirm you are aware this is a non-union shoot:

Confirm Audition Date Availability:

Confirm Shooting Dates Availability:


*Please note, there is a very limited budget for travel and/or accommodation for these student films.

Make a note if you have accommodation in Richmond and are available to get yourself to Richmond.


Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition: you will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected.



Storyline: A new high school English teacher is thrown into a surreal trip of power, pride and Shakespeare when he is asked to help academically at risk students put on a production of Macbeth.



HOBBS: Caucasian Male, 23-35yrs. Lanky and pale, well-off and well educated. Master’s degree in English, working on his PhD.  A Shakespeare scholar who is teaching at an inner city high school, thinking it is the noble choice.  HOBBS views himself as “saving” the students, but that doesn’t stop his vicious preconceived images of them. His biggest test, is Brett ‘Breezy’ Jackson, who is cast as the lead in the student production of the Scottish Play HOBBS must direct as part of his teaching contract.  HOBBS feels Shakespeare’s honor is at stake if the students get their unconventional way with the direction of the play.

Must be comfortable smoking a rolled cigarette followed by a coughing fit.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 3 days.


BRETT: African-American Male, 17-19yrs. Nonchalantly certain, with the self-given name ‘Breezy’, Brett is constantly vying for the attention of his peers, or really, anyone who will listen.  Fashion forward and creative. Forced to participate in the school play along with other students with poor behavior/grades, he views the semi-academic punishment as a chance to show the world his star power. A palpable distaste for his new director/English teacher.  BREEZY spends their interactions testing HOBBS limits.   BREEZY isn’t actually ill intentioned, it’s just better for his image if everyone thinks so.

Must be comfortable in water and in a bathing suit.   Rapping skills a plus.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 3 days.



WILL/JANITOR:  Caucasian, Male, 30-35 yrs. Scruffy and unkempt, he’s, well…William Shakespeare! An ethereal presence who believes art is about constant reinterpretation. Doubly exists as an omnipotent and often silent part of the school that HOBBS can’t shake. He comforts HOBBS nonetheless, who is the only one who ever really notices he’s there, or is he?

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 3 days.


BYRON: African-American Male, 50+ yrs, Principal of the high school, who is, more or less, unconcerned with the play or his students. BYRON has lost his passion for education, succumbing like Sisyphus, to the realization of the fate most students in his school district face.  He hires HOBBS, not thinking of the students, but of the possibility of staff raises if the play is deemed a success and increases graduation rates.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


MONIQUE: Hispanic/Latino/African-American, Female, 17-19yrs, Slick and quick witted.  Unlike her peers, she opted to participate in this play due to her love of Shakespeare.  MONIQUE has no respect for BRETT’s repeated academic laziness and is unimpressed by his rapping skills.   Always the first to answer a question, even when no one else has raised their hand. She believes that the play is an opportunity to set herself apart in college applications.  Monique will do anything to get out of her neighborhood and further her education.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


KIKI: Hispanic/Latino/African-American, Female, 17-19yrs, KIKI is often a no show for rehearsal, letting HOBBS and her peers think she’s uninterested. Though not great at school, she has a natural talent for fashion and makeup.   KIKI hopes to work in fashion…if she graduates, of course, which means the mandatory participation in the play.  HOBBS sees something special in her, but she refuses to be read by him, or anyone for that matter.  She is interested in working on set and costume design for the play.

Hand rolls her cigarettes, must be comfortable smoking.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


PROFESSOR SCHUYLER: Any Ethnicity, Male 50+ yrs. One of HOBBS’ Professors from Columbia.  Arrogant and ridiculously prideful. Completely out of his comfort zone at this school, but heard this is where HOBBS has landed, so he decides to pay a visit – whilst simultaneously scouting inner-city high school students for Columbia’s quotas.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


VANESSA:  Women Of Color, 17-19 yrs. Rather ditzy and often asks questions once the answer has already been given. No one enjoys her, but it’s not like she really likes them either. She’s timid, and not really interested in making any friends.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 2 Days


ISAIAH: Male of Color, 17-19 yrs.  Rude and disrespectful to HOOBS and the other students whenever the possibility arises. ISAIAH is often seen with or near BREEZY. Suffers from an impressively, fantastical nosebleed, leaving him covered in blood.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 2 Days




Female Students of Color, 17-19 yrs. Will perform a short step routine, and represent the three witches of the Scottish Play.

$80/per shoot day/per actor  – Shoots 1 day.


Caucasion, Female, 45 yrs+. Hysterically crying, petrified by the sound of a gunshot at close range.  .

$45/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


Male Student of Color, 17-19 yrs. Perched on a basketball hoop.  Stunt experience a plus.

$60/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition: you will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected