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Richmond – VCU Student Short Film Seeking 3 Actors – June 12-17 – PAID

RVA – Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts Cinema are seeking 3 actors for a short 35mm student film shooting week of June 12th-17th – PAID


CARE – VCUarts Cinema Short Student Film

Production Company: VCUarts Cinema

Executive Producers: Rob Tregenza & Kirk Kjeldsen

Audition Date: Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Audition Location: Richmond, VA

Shoot Location: Richmond, VA



Submit current headshot/resume and reel (if available) to:



Include the following information in the subject line:


NAME, NAME OF FILM & ROLE(s) submitting for & your location:


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They have a limited student budget available. Possibility of travel and accommodations if needed



Producer: John Shutika

Director: Maura Mazurowski

Writer: Sam LaBella

Shoot Dates: 3 Days the week of June 12th-17th, 2017, exact dates TBD

Shoot Location: Richmond, VA


Storyline: An elderly woman struggles with the isolation of a retirement home until her loud neighbor becomes an unlikely companion.



DOROTHY – Any Ethnicity, female, 65yrs+.   A force to be reckoned with, Dorothy, both rebellious and defiant, has a love of self-pity, and is used to being her own boss.  Newly entrapped in a nursing home, she preoccupies herself with exacting her wrath on all who cross her path.  Anger cannot hold off her loneliness and lost independence forever leaving Dorothy open to a new friendship.

Smoking scene included (herbal cigarettes).

Shoots 3 days. $200/day. Most likely, Wednesday June 14th, Thursday June 15th, & Friday June 16th.


RUTH – Any Ethnicity, female, 65yrs+.  Young at heart, living life to the fullest despite being in a home.  The kind of woman who always sends birthday cards, & sneaks her grandkids money.  Ruth’s infallible optimism is put the test by everyone around her, but her optimism cannot conquer loss and loneliness alone. Always open to creating new friendships.

Smoking scene included (herbal cigarettes).  

Shoots 2 days. $200/day. Most likely, Wednesday June 14th, Thursday June 15th.


KAREN – Any Ethnicity, female, mid 40’s. Athletic and fit, a runner. Testy HOA/PTA member type. Busy-body. Runs a tight ship in the nursing home where she works. She presents a “kindness” that is noticeably fake. Usually invades the space of the women at the retirement home, but doesn’t blink an eye to any animosity thrown her way. She’s like Nurse Ratched but without any real power. Endorphin fix from her daily run is mandatory, rain or shine.

Shoots 3 days. $100/day . Most likely, Wednesday June 14th, Thursday June 15th, & Friday June 16th.


Please follow the above SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS. If all requested information is not included, your submission will not be considered.

Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with a time and location if selected.