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Richmond, Va- Seeking local actors for 11 Principal Roles -PAID

Anne Chapman Casting is searching for 11 local actors for principal roles in Mike Henry’s SAG-AFTRA New Media project, HOME ON THE STRANGE.

A highly successful yet vapid career in LA leaves REGGIE wondering if this is “it”?.  After a strange phone call from his brother, REGGIE is going home to Virginia to find out just how his past might influence his future.

Preesh Pictures, LLC



New Media

Writer/Director: Mike Henry

Executive Producers: Joe Micucci & Mike Henry

Casting Director: Anne Chapman

Casting Assistants: Tracia Austin, Amy Fox

Shoot dates: October 8th – October 13th, 2016

Shoot location: Greater Richmond, Virginia area

Audition dates: September 21st – September 27th

Callback date: Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Audition location: Richmond, Virginia

Rate: $175/shoot day +10% if agent


CAST: REGGIE – Mike Henry


JUNE CRENSHAW:  Caucasian Female, mid 30s.  Attractive and well groomed, loves Talbots.   A real country clubber through and through, with a wicked sense of fun and adventure.  Doesn’t always remember what she got up to the night before.   JUNE is a single mom, but has plenty of time to enjoy a tequila shot at the club. Not worried about much.   Must be willing to smoke.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).  2 days.

CAMILLE SANDERS: Caucasian Female, mid 20s.  Stylish and extremely “hot”, a starlet who knows herself and her limits. REGGIE is looking for love in all the wrong places.  CAMILLE is along for the ride, the sex, the connections and the parties.  Willing to deal with REGGIE’S testosterone and visceral emptiness to a point.  Excellent texter, lives for Instagram.  Must be willing to smoke and appear in thong underwear.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).   1 possibly 2  days.

CHARLIE JENKINS: Caucasian Male, 10-13yrs. Mesmerizing.  Smart.  Sweet and good looking in appearance, lots of pent up anger brewing just under the surface.  On the cusp of being the good kid or the trouble maker, could go either way.  Willing to throw a punch. Giving his mother all sorts of headaches.  Can’t take your eyes off him.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).   1 day.

YOUNG REGGIE: Caucasian Male, 10-13yrs.  Waiting in the back of the family car, alone, when he overhears a horrible incident including gunfire.  Curious at first, then, terrified.  YOUNG REGGIE is a wounded soul, but, able to look in the eyes of those who have caused the pain.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent). 1 day.

BASEBALL BOY: Caucasian Male, 10-13yrs. Must be able to wind up to pitch a baseball naturally.  Living the little league dream! Bright and shining star of the team.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).   1 day.

STEVE STEIN: Caucasian Male, mid 40s. REGGIE’S agent. Jewish. Great dresser, always in a sharp suit, no tie.  A bouncy, ass-kisser, who knows which asses to kiss.   Is truly happy for REGGIE’S success, and enjoys the hell out of negotiating the best contract possible for him.  Continually chirping in REGGIE’s ear, keeping REGGIE on track and on time.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).  1 day.

LEW KRAMER: Caucasian Male, 50s. Network President, authoritative and cold.  Regularly hires people he does not like or respect and doesn’t mind them knowing.  As long as they are making him money, all’s good, until he changes his mind.  Has no problem firing them either.  All in a day’s work.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent). 1 day.

CHURCH DAVIS: Caucasian Male, 70s.  Bow tie and clenched jaw.  Asks how your mother is, and genuinely wants to know.  His world and world view are very narrow, but he is king of that small kingdom and will never change.  Dinner at the club 2-3 nights a week.  Very proud of his grandchildren.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).  1 day.

CATTY DAVIS: Caucasian Female, 70s.  Proud to be Mrs. Davis.  Speaks only when spoken to, secretly has a mind of her own, that maybe only her hairdresser knows.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).  1 day.

CHIP CHADWICK: Caucasian Male, 30 – 40yrs.  Banker, basically older, more established version of his frat bro self.  Grew up with REGGIE.  Now a “super fan” who loves to say “he knew him when”.  Bit of a bull in a China shop, but mannered.  Regular at the country club bar.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent).  1 day.

SHELTON: Caucasian Male, mid 50s.  Stuffy with an educated Southern accent.  A stodgy Country Clubber.  Can be an a-hole when pushed.  Solid, stable, no drama on his watch.  Appearances matter, maybe more than reality.

$175/shoot day (+10% if agent). 1 day.



Agents, please submit through Breakdown Express.

Non-Represented Actors, please submit through Actors Access.

***If you do not have an Actors Access account, please create a free account, as this is our preferred method for submission by Non-Represented actors.***


Only if you are not able to submit thru Breakdown Express or Actors Access, use the following link to submit.

Home on The Strange

Follow the instructions carefully!!  If you do not complete all submission instructions your submission likely will not be able to be considered.

Auditions are by appointment only.  We very much appreciate your interest in HOME ON THE STRANGE.  You will be contacted with an invitation to audition if selected.  Submitting does not guarantee and audition.  Thank you so much!  Anne Chapman Casting