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Richmond – Seeking 2 actors for short student film – March 29-31 – Paid


VCUarts Non-Union Short Student Film

Production Company: VCUarts Cinema

Executive Producer:  Virginia Bertholet

Director: Jack Bailey

Producer:  William Schultz

Writer:  Miah Domel

Casting Director:  Anne Chapman

Casting Associate: Eva Ramirez

Casting Assistants: Carter Amos, Anna Child, and Chelsea Lofland

Shoot Dates: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, March 29th, 30th, & 31st

Shoot Location: Richmond, Virginia

Audition Date: Tuesday, March 19th

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia


Rate: $125/shoot day

Actor will receive a copy of the film upon completion.


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*Please note, there is a very limited budget for this student film necessitating local hires only.*



Storyline: Personalities clash when sisters Emma and Olive embark on a camping trip, reaching a new understanding of one another.




EMMA: Any Ethnicity, Female, mid to late 20’s. All is going well for Emma. Goal oriented and organized, she is steadily heading up the ladder at work, proving her business degree, hard work and determination are worth it. She starts every morning with a 6am run. Fit and fashionable, but looks forward to the weekends, spending as much time as possible outdoors. Respects quality products for both their style and function. Loves cold showers and prefers multigrain cheerios to honey nut. Emma is supportive and feels sympathy for her sister Olive, who is struggling in a conventional world, but does not appreciate how much easier everything come to her than it does for Olive. She is hoping this camping trip will give them a chance to reconnect.

$125/shoot day – shoots 3 days, March 29th, 30th & 31st, 2019


OLIVE: Any Ethnicity, Female, Late teens – Early 20s. Edgy punk/goth aesthetic who stands out in a crowd. A deconstructed art student who could be picked up by a strong wind, the quintessential “Richmond sad girl”. Always contemplating her next piercing and lives to vape. Olive is a disorganized, apathetic and defensive student who is doing poorly in class and considering dropping out. She is intimidated by her sister Emma, which is frequently expressed by rude behavior and outbursts. As ill-prepared for this camping trip as she is for life, but did enjoy a first aid course she took last year. There might just be a caring heart in there somewhere.

$125/shoot day – shoots 3 days, March 29th, 30th & 31st, 2019