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Richmond & Hampton – Casting Call for VA Lottery Commercial – May 2/3 – Paid

CASTING NOTICE – Virginia Lottery

Submit Here: http://jaderlundcasting.com/cmi/valottery/


Production Type: COMMERCIAL
Rate: Lead: $1,100.00 (+20% Agency Fee If Applicable)
Audition Start Time: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Richmond VA Audition Date: May 2nd 2018
Hampton VA Audition Date: May 3rd 2018
Callback Date Richmond VA: May 7th
Fittings Richmond VA: May 11th
Production Tentative Start Date: May 14th



#1 MALES: [Lead] Age Ranges Late 20s – 40s. (Open Ethnicity) Average/athletic build. Not perfectly put together, but not totally unkept.

#2 MALES:[Lead] Age Ranges 30s to 50s. (Open Ethnicity) Slender build. Timid, meek with a wild side.

#3 FEMALES: [Lead] Age Ranges 40s. (Open Ethnicity) Athletic, but still feminine, build. Outdoorsy but not a hippy or overly extreme.

#4 FEMALES: [Lead] Age Ranges 40s. (Open Ethnicity) Average build. Interesting or funny facial features. Friendly and cheerful, but somewhat oblivious or easily distracted

Richmond VA Audition Date: May 2nd 2018
Hampton VA Audition Date: May 3rd 2018

Additional Breakdowns Below (FEATURED & BG TALENT)

CLOWNS: (Featured) Men & Women Ages 21 to 65 (Open Ethnicity) If you are a performer who can resemble a clown or if you are an experienced clown we are looking for you. We’d love to see a variety of clown options of all types. Male/Female, skinny, plus size, bald, tall, short. (Having your own Clown costume/makeup is a PLUS but not required) **Producers are also seeking talent with high energy who are character actors with the ability to portray interesting, or eccentric characters. (BFOQ)

WRESTLERS: (Featured) Males ages 21-45 (Open Ethnicity) Seeking professional wrestlers and actors with professional wrestling experience.


If you match the breakdown above please fill out submission form to nominate yourself as a candidate for review.


Submit Here: http://jaderlundcasting.com/cmi/valottery/