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Student horror short film seeking cast and crew. Richmond, VA.

Etain (20’s Female): Newest artist on the rise in popularity. Jaded with her experience, she searches for the “truth” in art, almost finding comfort in obsession.

Tyler Maine (Early 30’s): New to acquisitions and has just landed his biggest client, Etain. He considers her a moody cash cow that he has had to manage for some time, but the money she brings in very, very good.

The Chameleon: no one knows what they look like, as they can look like anyone. They have a love of drama and crippling obsession with art.

These are the three main roles. There are also opportunities for being an extra available (especially if you are looking to be a victim) as well as crew positions: DP, Editor, Make-Up, etc.

If you choose to participate in this film, please be prepared to fully commit your time to your position. The timeline is short so any changes that will have to be made must be handled in a timely fashion. Projected dates: 10/20/21 – 12/5/21.

Unpaid project; however, food will be provided to cast and crew (the contact is a professional chef).

Contact: Julius Green, (804) 484-5457 / juriasumidori@gmail.com