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RICHMOND – Casting Short Student Film Auditions – June 6th & June 7th – PAID

Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts Cinema are seeking 7 actors for MEAT LOVERS, a 35mm Non-Union short student film.


Production Company:
Executive Producer:  Kirk Kjeldsen & Arthur Eng
Director:  Victoria Maxwell
Producer:  Monica Woolsey
Writer:  Maura Mazurowski
Casting Director:  Anne Chapman
Casting Associate:  Sewell Brewer & Jeremy Brown
Shoot Dates: 3 days the week of June 20th.  Actual dates still TBD
Shoot Location: In and around Richmond, Virginia
Audition Dates: Monday, June 6th & Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia

Rate: $100 per shoot day.  |
Each actor will receive a copy of the film upon completion.

Please send headshot and resume to:
Please indicate role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line.
Include shoot date availability and your travel distance to Richmond.  


SUBMIT current headshot and resume to:


Include the following information:

Role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line

Union Status (Please note this is a non-union shoot):
Contact Information including phone & e-mail:
Audition Date Availability:
Shoot Date Availability:
Travel Distance to Richmond:
Do you have local housing available:
(Depending upon role, lodging might be provided.)

Seeking the following roles:

KIT MYERS – Caucasian Female. Late 20s. Cute, quirky, educated, although slightly oblivious. Often finds herself in awkward situations. Her life is a sitcom and she can’t help. Likes alcohol but by no means an alcoholic. Typically juggling many balls at once and lives in organized chaos. Not dirty, but definitely cluttered – both spatially and mentally. Whip smart, usually confident except with anything regarding her ex, Stan, who will be attending her sister’s wedding with his new girlfriend.

Must be comfortable with cats. Shoots 3 days. $100/shoot day.

STAN – Caucasian Male. Late 20s – Early 30s. A fit, good looking, yet slimy, 30-year-old frat bro with an ego. He’s the kind of guy who will dump a girl right after sex. Always thinks he’s better than his significant other. He’s family friends with his ex’s family, so will of course attend her sister’s wedding (with a date) to keep up appearances – and to make his ex sweat a little.

Must be willing to appear shirtless on screen. Must be comfortable with cats. Shoots 1 day. $100/ shoot day.

KIT’S MOM –  Caucasian Female. Mid – Late 50s. Lucille Bluth with less money and a tad more empathy. A well quaffed, picture-perfect homemaker and mother of two grown daughters. Planning her younger daughter’s wedding down to the last detail, like it’s her own and relishing every minute of it. Loves her older daughter, Kit, deeply, but image and reputation are everything in her book, although she would never admit it, she judges Kit for still being single. A bit of a gossip with a classic passive aggressive nature.

Shoots 1 day. $100/shoot day.

PETER JONES – Any Ethnicity Male. Late 20s – Early 30s. Reads Men’s Health magazine after his 6 a.m. workout every morning while enjoying a Whey Protein shake. Put together, motivated, and a workaholic, but manages it well. Peter is firm in his beliefs and “health first” lifestyle and is slightly judgemental of those who don’t share his dedication. His bike might be his best friend. Willing to date as long as it doesn’t interfere his workout schedule. Equally fashionable in his workout gear or a suit, appearances matter. $100 per shoot day. Shoots 2 days. $100/shoot day.

THE WAITER – Any Ethnicity Male. Early 20s – Mid 30s. A flamboyant gossipy career waiter who lives for judging the customers that come to dine at his hoity-toity vegetarian restaurant. Sassy as hell. If he weren’t so good at his job or so amusing to the rest of the staff he would have been fired long ago. Kit is his perfect victim/foil. Exactly what every awkward first date needs, or is he.

Shoots 1 day. $100/shoot day.

KYLE BRODY – Any Ethnicity Male. Late 20s – Early 30s. The creative-meets-business type. He’s homey, kind and non-judgemental. No hang-ups or issues. A good egg. Appreciates Kit’s quirks at first meeting and finds her eccentricity charming. Fit, but not a health-freak, laid back, but not shy. He’s a mellow, calm, and loving guy who could fall in love with Kit’s fiery personality at the drop of a hat. Must be comfortable around cats. Shoots 1 day. $100/shooting day.

JULIA – Caucasian Female. 20-30yrs. Beautiful and knows it. A charming conversationalist who makes a positive first impression. The girlfriend du jour and wedding date of Stan. Young, uncomplicated and carefree. Love’s weddings even if she doesn’t know a soul there. Always up for a party. Kit’s worst nightmare.

Shoots 1 day. $100/shooting day.

Please send headshot and resume to:


Thank you in advance for your submission!
Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with the audition time and place if selected.