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Richmond – Casting for VCU student shorts – June 5-7 – Paid

VCUarts Cinema Summer Intensive 2019

Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts Cinema are seeking 6 actors for WOMEN OF SHADY PINES, a non-union 35mm short student film.



VCUarts 35mm Short Student Film

Production Company: VCUarts Cinema

Executive Producers: Rob Tregenza & Virginia Bertholet

Director: Mary Conklin

Producer: Miles Jordan

Writer: Oliva Dinman

Casting Director:  Anne Chapman

Casting Associate: Cailynn Birts

Casting Assistants: Will Schultz, Laura Bowen

Shoot Dates: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, June 5th, 6th & 7th, 2019

Shoot Location: Richmond, Virginia

Audition Date: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia


Rate: $125/shoot day

Actor will receive a copy of the film upon completion.


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*Please note, there is a very limited budget for travel and/or accommodation for these student films.  Make a note if you have accommodation in Richmond and are available to get yourself to Richmond.

Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition: you will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected.



Storyline: At Shady Pines Retirement Home, most residents spend their time playing bingo and knitting sweaters, but Claudette Williams deals drugs.



CLAUDETTE: Any Ethnicity Female, 60yrs+. (Ideally looking for 75-85yrs.) Cool, confident, charming resident of Shady Pines who spearheads drugs deals out of the retirement home to curtail her boredom. Able to outsmart the nursing staff with ease, reliving the same adrenaline thrill as smoking in the high school bathroom. Claudette is not yet ready to grieve the recent death of her dear friend Freida, deciding to skip Freida’s memorial service to prep for a meeting with her drug buyer. Being stubborn and sneaky has worked her whole life, but now, deep down, this one really stings, she loves and misses her friend.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 3 days.


ASTRID: Any Ethnicity Female, 60yrs+. (Ideally looking for 75-85yrs.) Uses a walker, and has limited mobility. Always impeccably dressed and coiffed. Astrid is as loyal as they come, but being Claudette’s partner in crime means getting roped into drug deals and risking it all. Astrid doesn’t take any BS. She is frustrated and disappointed with Claudette choosing the drug deal over Freida’s memorial. She is the only one who sees Claudette for who she really is, not buying the tough gal drug dealer persona.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 3 days.


PETER: Any Ethnicity Male, 20-25yrs,  Shallow, yet weirdly creative. Can be selfish and jittery when anxious. Peter is in this for the money, not a drug user himself, he sees this as a means to an ends for Art School tuition. When he first met Claudette, he was shocked and surprised at the humor of what she purposed. Now it’s just a standard visit every month. He doesn’t see Claudette as a friend, or a “Grandma” she’s his dealer/supplier, nothing more. He is only willing to “play” her grandson to make the scheme work, the minute it becomes a hassle for him he’s out the door.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


DAVID: Any Ethnicity Male, 40 – 45yrs,  Freida’s son. Momma’s boy. The death of his mother has affected him more than he expected, realizing with regret that he never got to know her as a person, just as his mom. Claudette offers a bit of a window into his mother’s life and David thinks seeking her out might help him understand his mother, giving him the sense of peace he is aching for.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


BETHANY: Any Ethnicity Female, 20 – 24yrs,  A naive, upbeat, recent nursing school graduate who feels compassion for the elderly. Still learning the ins and outs of her job, Bethany sees the residents as people who need to be taken care of, rather than needing assistance. Thus, she underestimates and is easily tricked by Claudette’s charm and cleverness.

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


EDWARD:  Any Ethnicity Male, mid 50s. Boring with a kind face and easy demeanor. He has worked at Shady Pines for the last twenty years. Staffing cutbacks years ago meant conducting the residents memorials became one of his duties, a job he isn’t trained for and not really suited to. Residents die regularly, it has become too easy to hit the same points about their lives, almost strangely monotonous. He doesn’t mean for ceremonies to feel routine or generic, but it has just sort of happened that way

$125/per shoot day – Shoots 1 day.


Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition: you will be contacted with an audition time and location if selected.