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Richmond – Casting for Student Short Film – May 24 – 27 – paid



VCU AMPT Program Non-Union Short Student Film

Executive Producer: Julian Pozzi

Director: Sarah Kerndt

Producer: Crixell Matthews

Writer: Sarah Kerndt

Application Due Date: 05/16/19

Self-tape Due Date: 5/18/19

Shoot Dates: May 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2019

Shoot Location: Richmond, Va


Rate: $125-$150/full shoot day

Actors will receive a copy of the film upon completion.



Include the following information in the subject line:



If selected they will email you a portion of the script for the role you are applying for and a self-tape of the reading will be due by 5/18/19


Submit a current head shot and resume (and reel if you have one) to:



Include the following information in the body of the email:

Role(s) you are submitting for:




Confirm you are non-union:

Age range:



Can you travel to Richmond, Va, and what is your distance?*:

Are you able to find accommodation in Richmond Va?*:

Confirm Self-Tape Availability:

Confirm Shooting Dates Availability:

If submitting for Logan or Elliot, please acknowledge that you fit their stage of transition:


*Due to the limited budget for this student film, confirm that you are able to find accommodation and self-report.


Thank you in advance for your submission!  


Storyline: Years after a painful breakup, Logan, a transgender man reconnects with his ex-girlfriend, Mara. With the help of Logan’s friend Elliot, the two see if they can heal old wounds.




LOGAN: 21-30 A mid-twenty something transman, several years on hormones. He’s a soft-spoken, but confident guy trying to navigate the world of dating as a transman. He has a very light-hearted sense of humor and view of the world. We are seeking someone with facial hair, and a toned build.

**Role requires a trans man, a few years into transition. Role also requires passionate kissing scene and bare shoulders**

$150/shoot day – Shoots 4 days.


MARA: 21-30 Logan’s ex-girlfriend, who left him originally due to her own fears and doubts with Logan’s transition/coming out, but who has grown since and wants to reconnect. Mara is a genuine person with a willingness and sincerity to confront past mistakes.

**Role requires a passionate kissing scene and bare shoulders.**

$150/shoot day – Shoots 2 days.


ELLIOT: 21-30 Logan’s best friend, a transmasculine guy in the early stages of his transition. Logan is helping him with his T-shots so those are still new to him. Elliot is the witty, vibrant soul who helps guide and ground Logan. Elliot looks to Logan as a mentor but serves as the catalyst that encourages Logan towards rekindling his relationship with Mara. He has a fun and playful spirit with an optimistic view on life.

**Role requires a trans man or non-binary transmasculine actor.**

$125/shoot day – Shoots 2 days.


JESSE: An attempted one-night-stand gone wrong. She’s straight, and not at all versed in the queer world. Stereotypically feminine.

$75 – Shoots 1/2 day.

**Role requires a passionate kissing scene.**


Thank you in advance for your submission!