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Richmond – Casting for independent feature film – April 2021 – Paid


Production title; TRUTH
Union / Non-Union: Non – Union
Production Type: Independent
Production Length: Featured Film (90 minutes)
Production Location: Richmond, VA
Shooting Location: Richmond VA / Washington DC

Submit HR to 49thparallelfilms@gmail.com

Dates: April 2021 “Feature Film”
L and her friend Claris took a stroll to the neighborhood store. L was accused of stealing a candy bar from the neighborhood market. When L was pleading to the officer trying to inform him she wasn’t involved in such petty crime, her friend Claris who gave L the candy bar did not come to her defense. Claris walk away and L was thrown in the police car. When L finally made it home with muddy tears running down her face, L’s mother felt no remorse for her daughter. Lies wrapped in the truth twenty years later only the truth will be told

(3) Main Characters
L Black Medium Height very attractive $135.00 per day
L is a 35 years old successful wife and 1st Lady of their prestigious place of praise and worship. L is a very pleasant person soft spoken she’s able to go from 0-60 if needed. L struggle with her past for being sexual assaulted at the age of 15.

Rob Rhinestone Snead Jr, Caucasian with blue eyes Well Build $125.00 per day
Rob Snead is a 43 year-old single father who was raising his daughter. Rob loves his daughter unconditionally. Rob is now happily married to Evelyn whom they raised his daughter together, they are a happy family. Rob is in the political line of life. Rob is running for city mayor he’s well educated and he’s able to get overly emotional when needed.

Raisen Snead mixed bi-racial light skinned blue eyes or blue contacts $125.00 per day
Raisen is 19 year-old she enjoys family time. She can get very overly emotional and aggressive if need to be. Raisen is very compassionate to her father and adores her stepmother. Raisen can go from being very pleasant to a raging storm. Raisen will have to deal with unbelievable life changes at such a young age

(5) Supporting Characters
Ms. Ratchet Black $100.00 per day
Ms. Ratchet is 51 years old, Ms. Ratchet is known for her chocolate pudding pies.
Ms. Ratchet can go from being hilarious to a more serious situation in minutes and even more so she can go from 0-60 in seconds. Don’t get Ms. Ratchet upset she’s already out for revenge and willing to kill in seconds!!

Millie Rice must be able to speak with an accent, Jamaica preferable $100.00 per day
Millie Rice 53 She’s a pistol, out for herself don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of what she wants to accomplish. Millie makes the rules to for the game and you are not allowed to break her rules.

Dr. Mildred Lane Black she’s a family and individual therapist $100.00 per day
Dr. Mildred Lane is 39 years old she having mix emotions. Dr. Lane have gotten tangle in the game at a young age but now, Dr. Lane have come to accept its better to come clean with the truth than die with a lie.

Evelyn Snead Caucasian $100.00 per day
Evelyn is 42 years old happily married. Evelyn is very soft spoken dedicated to her family she’s a very a warmhearted person. Evelyn is capable of taking it up a notch if necessary. Evelyn is able to get emotion when needed.

Serenity is bi-racial she’s brown skinned with blue eyes or blue contacts $100.00 per day
Serenity is 19 years old she’s a very pleasant young lady sometimes shy but out going. Serenity must figure out life along the way and the changes she have to endure. She’s able to get emotion when need to be.


Young L (15) preferred someone to be a between (18-20) sexual scene 100.00 PER DAY
Pastor Buff (38) Black married to L 85.00 PER DAY
Julius (early 30’s) Black Dr. Lane patient 125.00 FLATE RATE
Charlene (early 30’s) black L’s best friend and Julius wife 125.00 FLATE RATE
Wesley (50) Black very hilarious getting a procedure done 100.00 FLATE RATE
Detective Moon (early 40’s) White with a slight accent 125.00 FLATE RATE
Cash (late 40s) Black 100.00 FLAT RATE
Reporter (30’s) Black or White 100.00 FLATE RATE
Bryce (early 20’s) Black 100.00 FLATE RATE
Claris (30’s) 100.00 FLATE RATE
Feature Extras “FLAT RATE”
Young Claris (16) Caucasian L’s best friend growing up 65.00
Young Rob (23) Caucasian blue eyes 85.00
Young Millie Rice (30’s) 65.00