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Richmond – Casting Call for student short film – May 4th & 5th – Paid

22MotionPix is casting its non-union student short film, “Black,” written, produced and directed by Tamia Booker. Auditions are being held Tuesday, April 2 and Friday, April 5 and will consist of cold reads from sides.

Title: “Black”
Director: Tamia Booker
Type: Non-Union Student Short
Shoot Dates: May 4-5, 2024
Shoot Loc: Richmond VA

Logline: When faced with skepticism from his parents over his career choice, a determined young black artist embarks on a journey to challenge societal norms and confront generational obstacles, striving to redefine the cultural expectations within the black community.

Maxwell – M, Black, late teens
Maxwell is a high school senior who wants to major in art with hopes of being a full-time painter, but his parents look down on this idea and think he should pursue a more lucrative path. He is shy, funny, quiet unless he feels comfortable, artistic, and nerdy. He struggles with speaking up for himself, especially with people who have authority.
– $250, 2 days

Maxine – F, Black, early-mid 40’s
Maxine is Maxwell’s funny, quirky, and outspoken mother. She works as a nurse practitioner and struggles with letting anyone help her. Though she is understanding and wants her son to succeed, she also would like Maxwell to choose a more stable career.
– $50, 4 hours

Jamie – M, Black, mid-late 40’s
Jamie is Maxwell’s unsupportive, messy, alcoholic (?) father. He’s funny, silly, and very smart. He owns an auto shop and often gives Maxwell life advice. He disapproves of Maxwell’s desire to become an artist and often belittles his dreams.
– $50, 4 hours

Grandma Jam – F, Black, mid-60’s to early-70’s
Granma Jam is Jamie’s mother, and Maxwell’s biggest fan. She supports him by putting money toward his art career, and comforts him, coming to his defense against his unsupportive father. She’s nice, funny, and young spirited, but wise. She had a successful career as an optometrist and spends a lot her retired time going to art galleries and exhibitions, where she noticed the lack of diversity.
– $100, 1 day

Akiera – F, Black, late teens
Akiera has Maxwell’s best friend since they both joined art class together in 9th grade. She has always been around for him, and is constantly telling him that he should do what makes him happy and pursue art. She loud, rebellious and outspoken, the complete opposite of Maxwell, and loves to stick it to the man. She dreams of majoring in graphic design in college.
– $100, 1 day

Other Minor Characters…

Gia – F, Black, late teens
Akiera and Maxwell’s friend (unpaid)

Mycheal – M, Any Race, late teens
Akiera and Maxwell’s friend (unpaid)

Mrs. Lewis – F, Any Race, 35+
Maxwell’s guidance counselor (unpaid)

Aunt #1 – F, Black, late 30s-50s
Maxwell’s Aunt (unpaid)

Aunt #2 – F, Black, late 30s-50s
Maxwell’s Aunt (unpaid)

Uncle – M, Black, late 30s-50s
Maxwell’s uncle (unpaid)

Additional Info

All roles are speaking roles!
Talent must be local. No transportation or housing will be provided.
Catering and crafty will be provided on set.
Talent will be credited and provided a copy of film for their reels.
Film to be submitted to select festivals.

Please send headshots, resumes, and links to reels (if you have one) to info@richmondfilmnetwork.org. In the subject line of your e-mail, please put the name of the role you’d like to audition for and the day you’d like to audition. For example: Maxwell – April 2. In the body of the e-mail, note what time you’d like to schedule your audition, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. In-person auditions are highly preferred, but Zooms will be considered, if requested.