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Richmond – Casting Call for Student Project – March 1st-15th – Paid

a Student Screenplay: by Jo Anne Hall


A traumatized, abused, lost soul of a young girl,
starts acting out at her inner city elementary
school, all while she must deal with her bizarre
deadly occultic family life back home. Time is not
on her side, as she factors fight or flight in the little
time that she’s given outside of home.

Student: Pandora (Approx Age Range 8-12)
Teacher: Ms. Dillard (Approx Age Range 30-55)

Location: Hickory Hill Community Center/School
Richmond, VA

Pandora, is an African American 8 years old girl from Detroit, MI, Elementary school student. She came into the world with pressure on her skull, literally mapped out for death or foreseen to be mentally challenged, but she is incredibly smart. defying all odds. If that wasn’t enough, she has a rather disturbing household. Her father is a retired boxer, an Army War Veteran and in an occult. Her mother sweet as pie, but the fights between the 2 parents were unrelenting. Then at school Pandora is bullied and has started to act out in order to defend herself. She has no way of making sense of or putting herself in the right position to save her well being. She feels alone.

Ms. Dillard: African American 33-year-old woman from Ohio and raised by her
grandmother, has 1 a daughter who is just 2 years old. She is a very caring woman who always wanted to be a teacher, making an impact in the life of a youth. It didn’t matter the subject, she would’ve taught Mechanics, if it meant she could show them how great they can be. She didn’t grow up easy, she had to fight in school because the girls were jealous and evil. Her parents died when she was a child, her grandmother raised her, and nothing was ever good enough for that woman.

Compensation/Pay: Flat Rate

Please Email or Text/Call me as soon as possible, if interested:

Jo Anne Hall
804 497 9907
Reference this short film “Mobbing”