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Richmond – Casting Call for Short student Film – September 30 – Non-Paid

VCU Arts Student Nicole Nguyen is directing a short film about the Japanese Mafia entitled “The Diner Cash-In”. She is currently looking for the following role descriptions to film on either Friday, September 30th, or Friday, October 14th. If you feel that you match one of the role descriptions, please send a headshot and resume to carystreetcinematics@gmail.com. Also include a reel if you have one.

JIN (20-25) – Japanese, short black hair, a bit of a scruff, and buff. Oldest in the group. Was studying to become a chef at a nice restaurant in Tokyo, but found out his irresponsible, older sister ended up finding shady company with Japan’s most notorious gang, the Yamaguchi.

JAY (17-19) – Japanese, Bob cut, a bit of baby fat, and a little scrawny. An orphan that was taken in by the leader of the Yamaguchi clan. She was treated as a servant and wasn’t fed well; however, was trained in martial arts like the other children of the clan.

Mikoto (20-23) – Japanese, long, well maintained hair, tall, feline-like. Daughter of a well respected family in the Yamaguchi clan. She wants to become the head of her family but must prove herself by saving her family from a debt they owe a high-ranking Yamaguchi member.

Cam (18-20) – An university student of a different race. Born and raised in Japan, they know the culture well. However, because of their appearance, they’re used to getting stared at and being the butt of jokes. Cam’s grandmother is ill, so they begin dealing drugs for the Yamaguchi clan to help support their grandma and younger siblings.

Noah (18-20) – A rich American student traveling for their gap year. During their mission to hit every expensive night club in the city, Noah gets involved with buying and consuming drugs from the Yamaguchi clan, which was caught on camera. He needs to get a hold of that footage or he won’t be able to maintain his pure reputation and “clean” criminal record.

We look forward to your submissions! Thank you in advance.