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Richmond – Anne Chapman Casting & VCU arts Cinema seeking 2 actors – May 28-30 – Paid

VCUarts Cinema’s 10th Summer Intensive is here!  

We will be casting five 35mm short student films in the next 8 weeks, please keep a look out for further breakdowns to follow in the coming weeks. 


Anne Chapman Casting & V CUarts Cinema are seeking 2 actors for a 35mm short student film – HEADS – May 30th-June 3rd, 2018 – $125-$150/shoot day



VCUarts Cinema Short Student Films

Production Company: VCUarts Cinema

Executive Pro ducers: Rob Tregenza & Charlie Harris

Producer: Lozie Goolsby

Director: Tyler Scheerschmidt

Writer: Tyra Forbes

Casting Associates: Alyssa Price & Sam Galipeau

Audition Date: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Audition Location: Richmond, VA

Shoot Dates: 2/3 days between May 28th, 29th & 30th, 2018, Yes that includes Memorial Day

Shoot Location: Greater Richmond, VA area

Rate: $125-150/shoot day



Submit current headshot/resume and reel (if available) to:



Include the following information in the subject line: 


In the bo dy of the e-mail:






Please note, we have very limited budget for travel or accommodations for these student films. Please make a note if you have acc ommodation in Richmond and if you are available to get yourself to Richmond.


Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with audition time and location if selected.    



STORYLINE:  A father desperately trying to locate his missing daughter finds himself stuck overnight at an eerie rural “one stop shop” due to car troubles.

Please note the role of the ERWIN/FATHER has already been cast.




GRIFFON: African American Female, Mid 50s.  Fit, strong and fearless, she is the longtime proprietor of a peculiar, off the beaten track “one stop shop”.  GRIFFON lost her husband and young child 30 years ago when their town’s water supply was poisoned in a toxic dumping “accident”, she believes was intentional.  GRIFFON’s whole world was her family.  Her hatred for the corporation that poisoned them has manifested into sociopathic vengeance seeking.  Always handy, creative, good with tools and willing to get her hands dirty, GRIFFON finds a strange comfort in the act of killing anyone who reminds her of those who’ve wronged her.  Privileged, lost, motorists who are too demanding don’t deserve to live in GRIFFON’s opinion.  Her victims reduced to morbid hunting trophies she displays in pickling jars.

Shoots 3 days $150/day – May 28th, 29th & 30th, 2018


CARA: Mixed Race Female, Early to Mid 20’s.  A recent college graduate, who thinks she knows everything, (book smart, not street smart), finds herself lost with car troubles at GRIFFON’s One Stop Shop .  CARA’s charm quickly turns to condescension when things are not going her way.  She is quite spoiled and accustomed to being catered to.  CARA’s mother died while while she was a small child, causing CARA’s widowed, wealthy father to lavish her with everything money could buy not wanting to see her sad.  Displacing emotions with possessions, a lavish lifestyle is her comfort zone.

Shoots 1day $125/day – Most likely Tuesday, May 29th, 2018


Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with audition time and location if selected.