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Richmond – Anne Chapman Casting Seeking 14 Actors For Low Budget Indie – March 30 & April 2- PAID

Audition Dates: March 30th & April 2nd

Callbacks: April 3rd

Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia

Start Date: Monday, April 10th, 2017


Seeking the following roles:

[RANDY} – 20s, Male, African-American. Smart, soulful, cares for his family. Muscular with dread-locks.  Randy is serving time, but did nothing wrong.  He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  His greatest desire is to start living his life outside of prison, and to reconnect with his family.  8 Scenes, 48 Lines

[RASHAWN] – 18, Male, African-American. Knucklehead with a Cheshire cat grin. No job, but always has cash on hand.  Wannabe gangster. Rashawn has potential but keeps making unwise decisions that flirt with the law. There is still hope.  Loves his family.  12 scenes, 21 lines

[BERTIE] – 20, Female, African-American. Smart but listless, single mom of a toddler, relies heavily on the support of Juanita, her mother. Strong willed, confident, and driven. Would rather go out, but steps up when necessary. Rashawn’s sister. 4 scenes, 25 lines

[MOUNTAIN] – 40’s, Male, Native American. Small town Montana Deputy Sheriff, a gentle giant who may seem intimidating at first glance. 5 scenes, 2 lines

[NICK, DREW, CHARLIE] – 50’s-70’s, Male, Caucasian. Old guys in the best sense. Rural, Montana rancher types, have worked with their hands their whole lives.  Long time friends, regulars at a diner, spunky, jovial, non-judgemental. 6 scenes, 4 lines, 7 lines, 5 lines

[MS. BERMAN] – 50’s-70’s, Female, any ethnicity. Terminal cancer patient, smokes weed medicinally, affectionate with a sense of humor. Her career as a dancer allowed her to travel the world.  3 scenes, 4 lines

[CARL] – 20’s, Male, Caucasian. Open-minded, hardworking, appreciates Native American culture, rural, loyal, polite.   10 scenes, 8 lines

[BUS PASSENGER] – 30’s-50’s, Male or Female, any ethnicity. Bookish, friendly, helpful and well-traveled. 2 scenes, 2 lines

[WAITRESS] – 20’s-50’s, Female, Caucasian. Career waitress at a diner in a small western town. Judgmental, unhappy at her job, but knows she isn’t going anywhere else.  Doesn’t do “different”.  2 scenes, 1 line

[BUS STATION TICKET SELLER] – 20’s-40’s, Male or Female, any ethnicity. Unbiased, friendly, good at their job, knowledgeable.  1 scene, 7 lines

[BUS DRIVER] – 50’s-60’s, Male, Latino. Understanding and helpful to a point, honest and frank.  1 scene, 14 lines

[DRUMMER] – 20’s, Male, African-American.  A talented street-performing conga drummer.  Ethereal and authentic.  Plays specific rhythms for different people passing by.  Has knowledge of Native American drumming.  1 scene


PAY: $630/day (+10% if agent)



Visit www.annechapmancasting.com submit under casting calls, untitled project.

Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with time and location if selected.