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RICHMOND – Actors Needed for Student Film – July 6,7,8 – PAID

Anne Chapman Casting & VCUarts Cinema are seeking 7 actors for A GOOD SOLDIER, a 35mm Non-Union short student film to be shot in the Greater Richmond Area July 6th, 7th & 8th, 2016.  Night shoots will be a part of this production.

Shoot Dates: Wednesday, July 6th, Thursday, July 7th, Friday, July 8th, 2016
Audition Date: Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
Audition Location: Richmond, Virginia
Rate: $100-$150 per shoot day
Each actor will receive a copy of the film upon completion.

Please Submit current headshot and resume to: vcucasting@gmail.com

Please indicate role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line as well as the following information: 
Union Status (Please note this is a non-union shoot):
Contact information
Shoot Date Availability:
Travel distance to Richmond:
Do you have local housing available: yes or no
(Depending upon role, lodging might be provided.)

Baghdad, Iraq, 2005.  Is it better to be a good soldier or a good man?
Seeking the following roles:


BROCK – Caucasian Male, early 20s.  Private First Class. Brock is an idealistic soldier from a military family.  Barely out of bootcamp and thrown in to patrols his first week in Baghdad.   A farm boy from Iowa, he is young and naive, spiritual and a loner.  An only child, who’s father’s death, 2 years ago, was the catalyst for joining up. BROCK is worried about his mother having to handle the farm on her own, but has a strong desire to do good and feels military service is his duty.  A stellar moral compass and strong values are not enough when thrown into the callous nature of war.  BROCK is realizing he might not fit in with the other soldiers.

Must be willing to appear shirtless, no visible tattoos.  3 days, $150/ shoot day.

MATT – Caucasian Male, mid-late 20s.  A two-tour veteran who enlisted soon after 9/11.  Pragmatic, rationalizing and cynical.  He has become desensitized to the violence around him.  Frustrated to be saddled on patrol with a newbie like BROCK.  At this point, he’s just trying to get home in one piece and realizes that might be a tall order.  Must be willing to appear shirtless.  3 days, $150/shoot day.

BROCK’S MOM – Caucasian Female. 48-55yrs. Recently widowed after 30 years of marriage and remains grief stricken.  A very caring, loving, and moral woman whose circumstances have changed drastically.  Although she finds herself all alone on the farm in Iowa, she is able to get on with the daily work necessary to keep the farm running.  Devout and religious, she remains positive for her son BROCK’s sake, but misses him terribly and lives for their conversations. She is terrified for his safety and is only able to offer her homemade corn bread as comfort to him.  1 day, $100/shoot day.

CAPTAIN GILLIS – Any Ethnicity Male, early-mid 30s.  Military-academy alum who comes from a storied military family.  Intelligent, weary, pessimistic.  A disillusioned idealist who loves the Army.  He takes his duty seriously and has a fatherly attitude towards his men, but doesn’t understand how the war has gotten in to the mess he is dealing with daily.  Basically BROCK 10 years down the road.     1 day, $100/shoot day.

2 IRAQI CHILDREN – 8-12 years old.  These children will appear as dead bodies only.  Actors will not be required to perform any actions other than to remain still.  They are discovered shot dead, in a closet by BROCK and MATT.  The actors portraying these roles will be made up to look as though they have been shot multiple times.  All care will be taken to ensure they feel comfortable and safe.  Scene will be shot after 5pm.  1 day, $100/shoot day

OLD IRAQI MAN – 70+ years old.  Has lived in Baghdad his entire life.  Successful bread maker before the war.  Has lost all members of his family as a result of the war.  He now finds himself on his own and reduced to begging.  His bread cart is his last and most important possession, he will not let it out of his grip, no matter the struggle.  1 day, $100/shoot day.