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Petersburg – Screenwriting Workshop – Oct 12 – Free

Conquering Script-zilla: Screenwriting Workshop

It’s time to dust off the old laptop and make use of the right brain creativity. At this event we are going to read and workshop scripts the right way; “One sentence at a time.”

11a-11:15 – Meet & Greet
11:15-11:45 – Script Reading & Feedback
11:45-12p – Lecture, Tips & Tricks
12-12:30 – Writing Session
12:30-12:45 – Script Reading
12:45-1p – Feedback & Forum
At the beginning of the meeting, we get settled in and do a meet & greet. Then we read and exchange scripts to receive constructive feedback, tips, techniques, strategies in order to complete a working draft of a selected scene.

After we read and workshop, we get a brief lecture on narrative writing to help cure some common symptoms of writer’s block. Then we separate into groups (if attendance is high) to select a scene to work on in our stories, and we finish it. If not finished, we want leave you with a complete concept/idea to finish your scene OYOT (On Your Own Time).

Before we adjourn, we ask for donations and membership applications for the FCA (Film Club of America), if you decide to do so. This IS NOT required, but it helps. We also have a feedback forum as to how the meeting went, and to address topics previously discussed.

In the dying minutes of the group session, comments about anything can be discussed. We try not get too personal, but we do understand life as an artist may be difficult. We love making time for members to vent their stress of living the life as an media artist.

More information: https://www.meetup.com/Film-Club-of-America/events/265386682/

Primary Contact: Eugene Batiste, eugenebatiste@gmail.com