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Northern Virginia – Casting Call SAG-AFTRA Short Film – August



SAG-AFTRA Short Film


Production Company: Red Zeppelin Productions LLC.

Producers: Theodore Adams III, Vi ctoria Chang, Theodore Adams IV

Executive Producers: Tara Kathleen Gorman & Jai Jamison

Director: Theodore Adams III

Screenwriter: Theodore Adams III

Casting Director: Anne Chapman

Casting Assistants: Tracia Austin & Alyssa Price

Shoot dates: 2 days in September, 2018. Exact dates TBD

Shoot location: Northern Virginia, USA

Audition: Via Self-tape

Callback: TBD August, 2018 in Northern Virginia

Rate: $150-300/shoot day

Auditions will be primarily via self-tape.  Please let us know if you are a Virginia/DC local.  We would love to see you in person if possible. Actors on the autism spectrum are encouraged to submit.

STORY LINE: Charles Jones is a participant in an experimental research project to see if people living on the autism spectrum can use their unique perspective to find cures in the medical field.  Always finding it painful to express his ideas, Charles desperately wants to contribute an unconventional solution for a cancer treatment.  His extreme anxiety communicating with others is frustrating and debilitating, and he must find a way to step out of his own world or an important medical breakthrough might be lost in his silence.


CHARLES JONES: Male, 25-35yrs, Any Ethnicity.  Sharp, alert, sensitive, pensive and a bit awkward. Frequently experiences the world in an altern ative reality where adults can appear as children or senior citizens depending upon how comfortable he is in a situation. CHARLES has always found it difficult, if not outright painful to communicate and almost exclusively avoids physical contact.  He is willing to challenge himself to get his breakthrough solution in front of his colleagues.

Shoots 2 days. $300/shoot day.

OLDER DOCTOR SNOW: Male, 60+, Any Ethnicity.  Professorial, with an Ivy League intellect. Wise and kind. Very deliberate yet nurturing.  Creating a program that places autistic students in cancer research projects, he sees their unique potential, hoping their perspectives may offer solutions that might not otherwise be cons idered.  DR. SNOW has a fatherly bond with CHARLES.

Shoots 1 day.  $150/shoot day.

YOUNGER DOCTOR SNOW: Male, 40s, Any Ethnicity.  Shares all the same qualities as OLDER DOCTOR SNOW.  Totally committed to finding a cure for cancer and is willing to risk his own reputation to make his experimental research project a success.  Has a tender side, is in touch with his emotions, not afraid to shed a tear.

Shoots 1 day.  $150/shoot day.

OLDER MS. DAVIS: Female, 60+, Any Ethnicity. Maternal and nurturing.  MS. DAVIS is a teacher specializing in students on the autism spectrum.  Caring and kind with a sense of humor.  She has an uncanny ability to make people feel safe enough to stretch beyond their comfort zone and shine.  Takes great pride in all of her students.

Shoots 1 day.  $150/shoot day

YOUNGER MS. DAVIS: Female, 40s, Any Ethnicity. Shares all the same qualities as OLDER MS. DAVIS.  Has a wonderfully charming smile and the gift of making everyone feel comfortable.

Shoots 1 day.  $150/shoot day


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Auditions will be done by self-tape, although, we would love to see you in person if you are local.  We very much appreciate your interest.  You will be contacted with an invitation to audition if selected and will receive the password for the script and sides.  Submitting does not guarantee an audition.  Thank you so much!