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Lynchburg, VA – Casting for Student Film – 09/16-09/26 – UNPAID


They are doing a student thesis film this fall called The Zombies Are Coming. This is a comedy/horror about 4 heroes who must survive monsters by working together and creating crazy ways to defeat the zombies, vampires, and steampunkians.

They are looking for 4 main characters

1. Julia Wolf, Native American Woman, age 30-45, strong female lead
2. Teddy, African American Male, age 18-25, must be able to scream high pitch, must also look big and strong like a football player
3. Pearl, Caucasian woman, age 18-25, character is nerdy and has self-value issues
4. Barker, short, Caucasian male, must look age of 60+, wise but feels like he’s too old

They will also be using many background actors. If anyone is interested in being zombies (need to know how to dance), vampires, or steampunk, send an email to

319 440-3943