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Henrico – Casting call for short film – 3/16/24 – Paid


I am looking for three actresses between the ages of 20-25. The film is non Union. I can pay 100 for the day as that’s how long it should take. If you are willing to do two roles (Hannah/Ali) I can pay you for both. I want to state I am not a professional filmmaker, this is just a hobby of mine and something I like to do for fun.

The plot and roles are below:
PLOT: JOSH is a lonely guy. His life is boring consisting of watching his favorite shows, going to movies and working. He hangs out with his best friend and crushes on the girl next door. He always wants to ask her out but his fear of rejection constantly gets the better of him.
Then ALI and BRI enter the picture. ALI is beautiful and manipulative and BRI is calm and good natured. Both have different advice to help him get out of his shell and it works! He is able to ask his crush out but as soon as he does things go sour. ALI goes from being helpful to trying to convince him to go against everything he believes. Over the course of the film JOSH goes from a morally upstanding guy to everything he hates

ALI–Ali is like the what a perfect guys fantasy would be. She dresses very provocatively and always is tempting Josh. When Josh begins to date Hannah she goes out of her way to tempt him and to do whatever she can to get him to cheat on Hannah. She succeeds when Josh drinks too much and gives in to temptation.

BRI-Bri is the girl next door. She is kind and cute and has a good moral code. She is the light for Ali’a dark. While Ali is focused on the more sex side of things of Josh’s mind Bri compliments that by focusing on the personality and what’s outside of that. She is pushing Josh to have a good and healthy relationship with Hannah and his friends and to get outside his comfort zone.

HANNAH-Hannah is Josh”s crush. He sees her every day as he goes to his apartment but never has the courage to talk to her. He constantly has fantasies of him either asking her out and succeeding or her brutally rejecting him. Eventually due to Bri he successfully asks her out. They begin what starts out as a healthy relationship but due to Ali’a manipulation their relationship starts to become poisoned. Hannah wants to go slow in the relationship and Ali convinces Josh to sleep with her and cheats on Hannah. They break up when Hannah finds out and she cannot trust him.

If interested, please contact Christopher Dolan at dolanc74@gmail.com